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Q: What were Apollo's powers and talents?
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What are some of Artemis's powers or talents?

Immortal Ageless Goddess

What is Hercules special powers or talents?

Hercules is known for his strength.

What were Apollo's special powers?

Apollos powers where prophesy archery the lute and he drove a chariot pulling the sun behind him so he could make the seasons and night and day.

What were Daphne the greek goddess powers?

Daphne was a Naiad nymph of the Peneios river in Thessalia. She is only known for the stories of Apollos love for her and doesn't have any specific 'powers'.

What are greek god Apollos talents?

Apollo is god of archery, music, the sun, knowledge, and several other minor talents. He was mostly known for his archery, his skill for playing the harp and lyre, and for driving the sun chariot across the sky every day.

What kind of powers or talents did Zeus have?

He was very skilled with lightning and thunder.

Does the goddess nyx have any special talents?

prophetic powers like an oracle

Is there any human with supernatural power?

People have supernatural powers... but we call them talents ;)

What are Bellerophon's powers?

He was a mortal, therefore didn't really have any unnatural/godly talents.

When was Apollos University created?

Apollos University was created in 2004.

When was Apollos Smith born?

Apollos Smith was born in 1825.

When did Apollos Smith die?

Apollos Smith died in 1912.