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Confucius' beliefs were that there should be more peace in the world. He tried to gain peace and harmony all around him. Confucius also believed that everyone should have a relationship whether it be wife to husband, older brother to younger brother, or friend to friend.

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What where Confucius beliefs?

he lived in Islam

What were Isaiah's Buddha's and Confucius effects on beliefs?

what were the Buddha's effects on beliefs

What did Confucius do?

Confucius was a sage who taught moral values that changed the way Chinese standard to social, moral and religious beliefs.

What did Confucius beliefs effect?

The beliefs of Confucius had an effect on a lot of people. His views were mostly influenced by the ancient Chinese people, and some of his sayings are still around, and used around the world today.Ê

Why did Confucius write his analects?

Confucius DID NOT write "The Analects." He was a teacher before he got famous for his beliefs, and his students decided to write "The Analects" to have a written record of all the rules Confucius had made.

When did Confucius influence the Han Dynasty?

The Han Dynasty was very influenced by Confucius' educational beliefs. It was when Confucius adopted the Du Zun Ru Xue Policy that the Han Dynasty was truly influenced.

How did Confucius make rulers virtuous?

He didn't. No ruler ever listened to his beliefs.

Why did Confucius start Confuciusinsm?

It actually is made up of his beliefs. It had become a religion not to long after he wrote down his beliefs. :) YA DIGGGGG!!!!!!!

What is Confucianism religious text?

Confucianism religious text,is the writing from Confucius himself, and his beliefs.

How did shi Huangdi try to control people's thoughts?

He outlawed Confucism which was the beliefs of Confucius

How is Confucianism a product of its environment?

Confucianism was based off of Chinese beliefs and Confucius was born into an aging dynasty

What is the beliefs of Confucianism?

Confucianism beliefs are based on the teachings of Confucius in early 500 BC. The main focus of Confucianism is to teach how to live a harmonious life and adapt socially.

What was Confucius famous for?

Confucius was famous for his religious teachings, sayings, and beliefs in China. That is all that has came to mind................................... Alanna Gage, Sunrise Elementary School. I go to the best school ever, the one i just listed above.

Who came first Jesus or Confucius?


This Chinese thinker's beliefs were adopted by the Han Dynasty and used as part of a civil service examination to gain employment in the government?


What is the significance of Confucius?

He had specific beliefs about the world and shared them to people all over China that spread to different nations worldwide. His impact on the world he made gives him a major role in all religion and beliefs.

How did Confucius influence the Han Dynasty?

Confucius impacted the Han dynasty through his education beliefs. The methods of testing for power and the focus of Chinese education on memorization all came from Confucius. Han Wu Di, Liu Che, listened to him as he adopted the 'du zun ru xue' policy which meant that only Confucianism was learnt.

Who recorded the wisdom of Confucius?


How do you spell Confucius in French?


Is Confucius a ruler?

Confucius was philosopher.

Who is the Confucius God?

Confucius was a philosopher, not a god. The god Confucius believed in was Ti'en(Heaven).

Where did Confucius live?

Confucius lived in China

How did Confucius die?

Confucius was killed, was stabed

Who was the founder of Confucius?

Confucius founded Confucianism.

Was Confucius a king?

No, Confucius was not a king but a philosopher

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