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  1. the containment of France
  2. balance of power
  3. legitimacy
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to have no more wars in his mom

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Q: What were metternichs three goals at the congress of Vienna?
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What were the Metternich's three goals of the Congress of Vienna?

the containment of Francebalance of powerlegitimacy

What were Metternich's three goals of the Congress of Vienna?

the containment of Francebalance of powerlegitimacy

What are three goals of the American Congress?

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What were the goals of Great Britain during the Congress of Vienna?

Metternich's three goals for the Congress of Vienna were to 1) prevent futur French aggression, 2) restore the balance of power and 3) he wanted to restore Europe's royal family back to the thrones they held before Napoleon's conquest.

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What lessons are there from the Age of Metternich for keeping the peace today?

At the Congress of Vienna, the rulers of three major European countries got together in order to establish long-lasting peace and stability. The most influential was Klemens von Metternich. Metternich distributed most democratic ideas of French revolution. He came up with three major goals, which would balance the powers of each country, prevent French aggression and restore Europe's royal families to the throne. I think the major lessons that the congress of Vienna received, related to these three goals. When the Congress made the weaker countries around France stronger, they prevent it from overpowering weaker nations. They didn't want to punish France too severely, since they were still afraid that French might take revenge. I think it's a great way to maintain the peace, since they need that if they broke up France, another country might threaten them all. France kept its military and independent government. France was still a major power in Europe. Another peaceful theory proposed by Metternich, was to restore to power the ex-rulers, who were driven from their throne by Napoleon. After Louis XVI returned to power, he ruled as constitutional monarch and adopted constitution. The settlement was fair enough and balanced the power on the continent. No nation was able to expand at the expense of others. The Congress of Vienna had created a time of peace in Europe.

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