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What were parachutes made of in world war 2?

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Q: What were parachutes made of in world war 2?
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What were World War 2 parachutes made out of?


How many parachutes were made in world war 2?

1 million

Were World War 2 parachutes reuseable?

The parachutes in World War 2 were reusable except when they were in enemy territory. They had to bury their chutes then.

Were there Nylon parachutes in World War 2?

i heard there were but i am not sure

How was nylon used to advantage in World War 2?

Nylon was used to make materials in the war such as parachutes and ropes.

What did they use to make parachutes out of up until World War 2 and what are they made out of now?

Silk, up until the war. Japan controlled all the silk-making areas, so silk was unobtainable, for either parachutes or ladies hosiery. Both are made of the synthetic nylon today.

Why were World War 2 parachutes white?

The cost to change their color was considered prohibitive.

Did they use parachutes in World War 2?

Yes. There were many occasions when troops were parachuted in.

What did women do in factories in world war 2?

They made ammunition, parachutes, weapons, bombs and plane engines. by the way ur really dumb not to know that...

Was it possible for Roosevelt to order parachutes foe troops during World War 2?


Why was pantyhose rationed during World War 2?

It wasn't. Pantyhose did not make an appearance until 1959. Stockings made of silk and nylon were due to need for parachutes

Why was silk the prefered textile fiber for parachutes in World War 2?

Because of it's light weight and strength.

Who made uniforms in World War 2?

the women made the uniforms in world war 2.

What types of knives used in World War 2?

Paratroopers used butterfly knives in ww2 to cut away their parachutes lines.

Where did women take their stockings during World War 2 to donate for soldiers?

I don't know but the Americans used them to make parachutes.

Why were nylon stockings so hard to get during world war 2?

Because all of DuPont's nylon production was focused on the war effort, for parachutes, tents, etc.

What is a sentence for the word rationed?

All the food has been rationed.Nylon was rationed in World War 2 because it was needed to make parachutes with.

What color were World War 2 parachutes?

White for Allies and yellow for Germans Some were colored to identify cargo container contents or camoflaged to hide.

What were some of the changes to fashion during World War 2?

People would draw on stockings and would have to give away dresses to make parachutes!!

What made France so powerful in World War 2?

France was NOT powerful in World War 2.

What were parachutes used for in world war 2?

they were used to help the solders attack the Germans from the air and if the plane was going to crash they would use them to save themselves.

When was the micrwave made?

World war 2

How many air crafts were made in World War 2?

in what country did the world war 2 start and what were the allies?

Where were clothes made in world war 2?

During World War 2 a lot of clothes were still made at home by hand. There were a few companies that made clothes in the US.

Why was the first gun made for World War 2?

To win the war