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Q: What were reasons that prohibition failed?
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What is a sentence using prohibition?

National Prohibition failed in the US and in other countries.

Did prohibition work ad why?

No, Prohibition failed miserably and caused many problems.

Why was prohibition good?

Prohibition wasn't good because it failed and led to massive social and other problems.

What are 3 reasons prohibition was not effective?


Why the movement on prohibition failed?

It went against human nature.

The government failed to budget enough men and money to enforce this?


For what reasons did prohibition fail?

People didn't support it

Why was prohibition repealed in the 1920s?

National Prohibition in the US was repealed because 74% of the voters had come to believe that it failed in its purpose but also created enormous and serious problems.

What are facts that argue that Prohibition failed?

It failed to reduce the problem of alcohol abuse and it created numerous serious problems for individuals and society.

All the reasons why was it difficult to enforce the laws governing Prohibition were what?

Most people came to oppose Prohibition and disobeyed it.

Was the prohibition act a success?

No, it failed miserably and actually created serious new problems.

Did prohibition achieve its goal?

No, it not only failed but was counterproductive in that it created numerous other problems.