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Among the regular clergy, the workers were monks and nuns; the leaders were abbots and abbesses.

Among the secular clergy, the workers were deacons and priests, the leaders were bishops and popes.

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A religious leaders in the middle ages are called?

a pope or priest is a religious leader

The system of electing religious leaders to office is called?

the system of electing religious leaders to office is called a

What is a government controlled by religious leaders called?

theocracy-a government controlled by religious leaders

What type of government is ruled by religious leaders?

A government ruled by religious leaders is called a theocracy.

What is the name of a country led by religious leaders?

The name of a country led by religious leaders is called theocracy

What are local Islamic religious leaders called?

Local religious leaders are called imams. They lead the community in prayer and deliever sermons on Fridays.

What is the title of Jewish religious leaders?

Most Jewish religious leaders are titled Rabbi or Rav. Chassidic leaders are called Rebbe. Sefardi leaders are often titled Chacham. Judges are called Dayan.

What are islamic and jewish religious leaders called?

Islamic religious leaders are primarily Imams, but also include Muftis, Sheikhs, Ayatollahs, and Qadis.Jewish religious leaders are primarily Rabbis.

Historically what have Hindu leaders been called?

Political leaders/ Rulers.. were called Rajas/Maharajas and Religious leaders were.. Gurus (plural)

What was the name of the religious leaders in Roman occupied Judea?

These religious leaders were called the Kohanim or High Priests. In terms of regional and religious politics, they were called the Sadducees. Opposing them were the Pharisees or populist Jewish leaders that would eventually become the Rabbinate.

Who were the spiritual leaders that the Jews relied on for advice?

The religious leaders of Jews are called Rabbis.

What are religious leaders of Hindus called?

leaders in Hinduism are called Guru or baba. Or sometime also known as Pramukh (Leader)

What are ancient religious leaders called?

Type your answer here...Pharaoh

What are Jewish religious leaders called?

Spiritual leaders are called Rabbis. The person who leads prayers during religious services are called cantors. Judaism is not a centralised religion and doesn't have the kind of hierarchy associated with other religions.

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