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The revolution happened because there were NO rights. The king had all the rights. That was the purpose of the whole thing.

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Q: What were rights like in 1776?
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When was the declaration of rights?

October 1776

When was the declaration of rights ratified?

October 1776

In 1776 most people believed that their human rights came from who?

the government

What are the set of laws that this country have today that the country had in 1776?

The Bill of Rights.

When was the VA declaration of rights written?

On June 12th, 1776, the Virginia Declaration of Rights was written by George Mason.

Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776?

The original draft was by George Mason.

What document did the colonists issue in 1776 when they felt their rights as enlishmen had been violated?

The declaration of independence

Why did the English colonist create a plan of government?

To have law and order and guarantee equal rights

When was Virginia Declaration of Rights created?

All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherit natural rights... among which are enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety...George Mason was the key architect and he wrote it in 1776. Jefferson used the Virginia Declaration of Rights as the basis for the Declaration of Independence, as well as the quote aboveACTUALLY, it was George Mason. NOT James Madison, like the previous person wrote.

Where do the colonist believe their rights derive from?

They wrote it down in the Declaration of Independence 1776): that they are endowed by their Creator (God) with certain rights: such as life, liberty, and persuit of happiness.

What did the struggle with England over colonial rights between 1764 and 1776 reveal?

The struggle with England over colonial rights between 1764 and 1776 revealed that the colonial society was not unified. Different colonists wanted to run the new colony differently, so there were fights between themselves.

What did State constitutions written after 1776 generally contain?

a Bill of Rights, Bi-cameral legislature, and an elected executive