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What were some government relief programs during the great depression of Canada?


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The liberal government of McKenzie King offered little relief to provinces. However, subsequent conservative administration of R.B Bennet reluctantly introduced Canadian ' New Deal' relief in 1935.

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The government expanded as new domestic programs were created.

During the Great Depression, comedies, dramas, and serial programs were very popular.

The government set up camps during the Great Depression to help the unemployed.

Basically, like most minorities they received no relief or support form the government. Before the great depression, government urged them to blend in the mainstream of Canada but during the depression, they were urged to go back to their traditional ways but living off land. Under the "American New deal" Native Americans were forced to accept the "Indian Reorganization Act" to qualify for any social programs, and relief. After agreeing, the natives were tricked and did not receive any relief or social programs they were promised.

It wasn't. During the 1930's Depression, Government aid was vital in keeping ailing businesses afloat and creating jobs for unemployed Americans. The Alphabet Agencies and The New Deal are examples of successful government schemes during the Depression.

Yes, radios were one of the main sources of communication between the government and the people during the Great Depression

The government got bigger, or in other words, the government provided more protection and services to people than ever before. Today, we still have some of the programs that were devised during the depression, like welfare and social security. Also, Roosevelt set the precedent that the President would step in and help the citizens during tough economic times.

The number of civilian employees in the Federal government increased greatly during the Great Depression. This helped to improve the population's access to government help.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the national government was in debt. They had to increase their spending for public services, such as food assistance because people were too poor.

He called it the new deal. It was several programs to create new government jobs , protect banks and stimulate the economy in general.

In the lower economic status prior to the Depression, Blacks were hurt by the Depression probably on a greater scale than Whites during the Depression. During the years of the New Deal, and under pressure from the NAACP and Eleanor Roosevelt, and other minority leaders, the FDR made sure Blacks shared in relief programs. Black people moved into more than a third of new housing units constructed by the federal government during the 1930s.

Canada Olympic Park hosts many different programs both during the summer, and winter seasons. These programs include biking, hockey, skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

Bread lines were basically what we call soup kitchens now. The government supplied food to people in need during the Great Depression.

The National School Lunch Program only started in 1946, but there were a lot of scattered programs before then. During the Great Depression, government-purchased school lunches for children who would have gone hungry were a great way to help farmers with agricultural surpluses without inflating prices.

Minority groups are the ones hardly hit during the great depression. They are not always given equal rights. And they also donâ??t have the opportunity in rehabilitation programs.

No, the Great Depression was from the stock market crash of 1929 to 1933. Many believe that FDR's New Deal programs ended the Depression. Some of the programs helped of course, but so did Hoover's and he gets blamed for the whole thing. WWII is what finally ended the depression. It stimulated the economy by forcing the government to pay companies to manufacture war goods and forced people to cut personal costs in order to send supplies to the troops.

The recovery of the US economy following the great depression was influenced mainly by the New Deal together with other government social programs that were created during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. Most of the programs were implemented in banking and industrial areas so as to improve confidence and increase the employment rates in the country.

during 1932, when bennett became the prime minister

Government Economic policies did not lead to the great Depression. The Great Depression started out as a normal recession as part of a business cycle. However, bad government policies (e.g. protectionism) has worsened the recession and turned it into what we now know as the Great Depression.

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