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Q: What were some things that Poe did in his dorm room?
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Why does the masked visitor get to travel from room to room without being stopped in the story masque of the red death?

If you read up on some of Poe's life you can answer this your self, but the masked visitor represent death and illness. Through out Poe's life most of the woman including his wife and mother all died of TB. This impacted Poe a great deal.

Where did the baudelaire's stay at Mr Poe's?

The Baudelaire orphans stayed in the spare room at the Poe family house and they were next door to Edgar and Albert the two sons of Mr Poe's.

How did Edgar Allan Poe heat his room in college?

Poe was sometimes forced to use his own furniture in the fireplace in his room.burn his funiture

How did Edgar Allan Poe influence himself?

Edgar Allan Poe influenced himself with the things around him and his wife.

Who created the drawing's in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven Room?

James William Carling

Was Edgar Allan Poe a spy?

ive heard things

What two things are put on Edgar Allan Poe's grave once a year?

The "Poe Toaster" places a bottle of cognac and a bouquet of 3 roses on Poe's grave on the anniversaty of his birthday, January 19, 1809.

Did Edgar Allan Poe kill old man in real life?

No, he did not. Many people think some o f the things Poe writes about were things he did or that actually occurred to him. This is only because Poe writes in the first person most of the time. Rest assured the Poe never killed an old man and buried his body under the floorboards (The Tell Tale Heart); he never walled anyone up alive in a basement. (The Cask of Amontillado) and he never helped entomb a living but catatonic woman (The Fall of the House of Usher).

What kind of things did Poe do in order to get kicked out of school?

he got in trouble with the principal

What were poe's science fiction works?

The somewhat incoherent Mr. Poe did some things such as the narrative of A Gordon Pym, which dealt in part with the Hollow-Earth hypothesis- and something also about an inter-dimensional balloon voyage. Neither were full-fledged novels. It can be argued descent into the Maelstrom has some sci-Fi overtones.

Ever since 1949 what is left on Poe's grave?

In the early morning of January 19, Poe's birthdate, a bottle of cognac and 3 roses are left on Poe's grave by the mysterious "Poe Toaster." There is some doubt that the tradition began in 1949.The misconception seems to be that the Poe Toaster visited Poe's grave, but 'Toast' actually visited Poe's original gravesite (the one on the Poe plot with the raven) where Poe's remains were from 1849 until 1875. Poe's current gravesite is much too public for the Toaster.

What are some activities available in Richmond VA?

Some things to do and see in Richmond, Va are: Edgar Allen Poe Museum, the Hollywood Cemetery, Midlothian, Historic Richmond, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.