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Well, there was the nose-bleed cannon and the duck-killing pistol and the semi-automatic egg catapult...

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What were some important inventions in the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

What were 3 inventions of the civil war?

Three inventions of the Civil War include the Gatling gun, a type of submarine, and the double barrel cannon. Another invention of the Civil War includes ironclad warships.

What were all the inventions in the civil war?

Gatling guns land mines repeating

What were some inventions after the Civil War?

Dynamite (1866), commercial typewriter (1867), Telephone (1876), Phonograph (1877), incandescent lamp (1879)

What were inventions in the south for Civil War?

All of the weapons were taken from the Union. The Gatling gun was invented in the Civil War by a north Carolinian (which was in the confederacy) but was given to the Union

What were some inventions of the Revolutionary War?


What are some Aztec war inventions?


What are four inventions that occuured during the civil war?

Submaries, telograughs, the gatling gun, railroads

What are two inventions that were created around the time of the civil war?

the ironclad warship and the two chinas

What inventions was created during the civil war that we still use today?

Wagons, Barrels, guns, gaterade.

How did new inventions change life in the US in the years after the Civil War?

sorry but your not telling me what I need to know

In what ways did natural resources and inventions help change the nation in the years after the Civil War?

it had changeed aolt

What were some civil wars that happened outside of the American Civil War?

Some consider the french revolution a civil war

What are some effects in the civil war?

The effects of the civil war is by weapons.

What invention helped the North win the Civil War?

It is possible that at least two inventions not related to way helped the North win the Civil War. The first was the railroad and the other was the McCormick reaper.

What inventions revolutionised the civil war?

The civil war was the first modern war. They had repeating rifles, submarines, military ambulances, hot air balloons for spying, barbed wire, flame throwers, just to name the few.

Who were some Civil War millionaires?

some of the civil war millionares were, no particular order of their worth: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What war is more imporatnt revolutionary war or civil war?

Some people think that the Revolutionary War was better than the Civil War. Some people think that the Civil War was better than the Revolutionary War.

Why did industry grow rapidly after the Civil War?

The Industrial Revolution occured. Many inventions were patented, one after the other. These inventions included the lightbulb (Thomas Edison) and Tesla's energy transformer.

What are some inventions during World War I?

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What was some inventions that were made in world war 2?

The atomic weapon.

What are some causes of the modern day-civil war?

There is no civil war on today.

What changes led to economic growth in va after the civil war?

Railroads and new inventions led to economic growth in Virginia after the devastating Civil War. Railroads were especially important in expanding the business and industry sector of Virginia.

What obstacle did Constantine hovercome before he became sole emperor?

Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.

What are some war crimes in the Civil War?