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The claimed reason was always "states rights".

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Q: What were the Confederate reasons for fighting?
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What were the reasons for fighting during the civil war in the confederate states of America?

They were fighting for Southern Independence and the Rights of the States..

What were the reasons of the Union and the Confederate fighting during civil war?

slavery was one of the big ones then it was political parties

What side was sherman fighting for in the war?

He was fighting for the confederate states.

What three advantages did the confederate states have in the war?

Here are 2 reasons:Two advantages the Confederate state had in the Civil War was the military officers from the confederate states were better trained and more experienced. Most of the fighting took place in the confederate states so they had excellent knowledge of terrain and available resources

What are darrysodasteveand two bits reasons for fighting?

There reasons for fighting is to fight for johnny

Fighting raged all day at Manassas Junction as the Confederate militia led by?

The Confederate militia fighting at Manassas Junction was led by General P.T Beauregard.

What are the reasons to fighting?


What is the difference between confederate and union army?

Confederate-Southern Solider. Fighting for the CSA Confederate states of America Union-Not Seceded State (United States)

What side was Jefferson Davis fighting on?

He wasn't physically fighting in the Civil War, but he was the President of the Confederate States of America.

How many confederate soldiers were fighting in the civil war?

About 500,000 - 2,000,000

Where did most of the fighting occur during the civil war?

Most of the fighting during the civil war was in the Confederate States. Especially in Virginia.

Compare and contrast the boys' reasons for fighting Darry Steve Soda and Two-Bit?

compare and contrast the boys reasons for fighting.

What type of war were the people in the South fighting?

Most people in the South that were in the Confederate army were fighting for an independent Southern nation. The rank and file soldier was not fighting for the preservation of slavery.

What were some reasons for the confederate defeat?

lack of materials, and broken spirit

What army initiated the fighting at the Second Battle of Bull Run?

"Stonewall" Jackson's Corps of the Confederate Army started the fighting on August 27,1862.

In the civil war what where you fighting for?

The Southern states that formed the Confederate States of American were fighting for independence from the United States of American. The United States (mostly Norther states) were fighting to keep them.

What are the reasons Americains are still fighting in Iraq?

Because they can.

What were Rosa parks reasons for fame?

she was fighting for freedom.

Where did Confederate soldiers sleep?

The Confederate Soldiers slept in tents,rugs,homemade pillows,on the ground or in Fighting Holes.By:Fatma Sula5th gradethey slept in tents

How many confederate states quit fighting because of the Emancipation Proclamation?

zero none at all

Why are blacks offended by the confederate flag?

Because the confederates states were fighting for the right to maintain slavery.

What was the Union's reasons for fighting in the civil war?

slave = bad

Is the fighting In WWF real?

personally to me no for reasons such as if they bleed where are the cuts?

How many Confederacy soldiers were fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg?

Confederate 75,000 men Union 88,289 men

Where did the confederate soldiers in the Battle of Gettysburg sleep?

Where every combat soldier sleeps. In a fighting hole or on the ground.