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Following a tradition started by British diplomats in North America, the U.S. Mint produced this particular set of medals for distribution to Native American tribes from 1801 to 1812. They served as tangible tokens of friendship and underscored President Jefferson's plans to embrace the Native American nations of the American West and include them, partially, in his Empire of Liberty. Engraved by Robert Scott, the medals were produced in three sizes, four, three, and two inches in diameter, and showed a bust of Jefferson and words TH. JEFFERSON PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. A.D. 1801 on one side, and two hands clasped in PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP with a tomahawk and pipe on the other. Lewis and Clark carried and presumably distributed some 235 medals of the three sizes. The medals were hollow shells held together by a silver rim.

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Q: What were the Lewis and Clark peace medals?
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Who wants the peace metal in poptropica?

Lewis and Clark want it.

Did Lewis and Clark ever give Sacagawea a friendship medal?

No they did not give Sacajawea a friendship medal. Lewis and Clark had established friendly relations with a great many Indians tribes to whom they presented gifts, medals, American flags, and a sale of talk designed to promote peace and the fur trade.

What are some quotes for Lewis and clark's expedition?

"A woman with a party of men is a token of peace"-Clark

How do you help Lewis and clark poptropica?

You find the peace medal and give it to them.

Did the Lewis and Clark expedition build a bond between the Americans and the Native Americans?

Lewis and Clark did build peaceful relations towards the Indians. Lewis and Clark would give gifts and peace metals to the Indians they met. Also without the Indians help, Lewis and Clark would have never reached the Pacific. What really help to establish the peace between the Indians and the Explorers was Sacagawea and her baby, Pompey, because the Indians that they wouldn't bring a women and an infant along if it was not in peace.

What famous explorers did Sacagawea travel with?

she traveled with Lewis and clark

What did Lewis and Clark give the Native Americans?

Lewis and Clark gave Native Americans a variety of gifts, including medals, flags, beads, clothes, and other items as a sign of peace and goodwill. They also exchanged knowledge about their respective cultures and technologies during their interactions with the Native American tribes they encountered on their expedition.

Is Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr related to Lewis or Clark?

Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr is the grandson of William Clark. His father was William Clark's son Meriwether Lewis Clark, Sr. William Clark had named his son after his friend Meriwether Lewis.

Who was in charge of the Lewis and clark expedition?

Meriwether Lewis was in charge and William Clark came as his assistant. But the Lewis And Clark Expedition is still know as The Lewis And Clark Expedition.

Which 2 explorers led the expedition over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean?

Lewis and Clark were the two explorers that led the expedition over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.

Where are Lewis and Clark on time tangled island?

Lewis and Clark are at 1805 AD (8 o'clock on the time device). Their missing peace medal is at Da Vinci's time (1516 AD 4 o'clock on the time device).

Where is the girl that needs the peace medal on Time Tangled island?

The silver Peace Medal goes to Sacajawea, but actually to Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition at 1805 AD (8 o'clock on the time device).