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What were the advantages and disadvantages of World War 2?


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In many ways WWII simplified the world.

Before WWII there were many competing camps about the globe. Britain and France desperately tried to suppress the restless natives by gun point in their huge colonial empires. The Soviet empire, likewise, killed millions in order to control the masses. Other nations were trying to improve their world position by expansion - Germany, Italy, Japan. The USA also had a significant empire to defend and a mixed ethnic base at home, thus giving the USA conflicting emotions as to which of these sides to support.

WWII ended all that. Germany, Italy and Japan were crushed, and despite economic recovery, have never (and likely never will) regain their positions on the world stage. Britain and France were economically ruined by the war and lost their empires.

Thus, after WWII, for the first time in history, only two major powers pretty well dominated all world political and military action - the Soviet bloc vs. the American led bloc.

It is no surprise that following the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the 1990's, the world has become much more fractured. New nations pop up every other day it seems. The USA keeps trying to keep a lid on things by such actions as the Gulf wars and Sabre rattling around Taiwan. History keeps moving on however, and it is inevitable that the world political scene will continue to fracture even further with further dismantlings - for example, Canada could fracture into three or more nations or their might be further breakups in Russia. Don't be too surprised to see China or even the USA subject to such stress that they fracture as well.

Thus the world has reverted since 1990 to a situation more similar to that of 1900 than to that of 1980.

AnswerThere's no reason for a large country to to break up simply because of it size. For example, from 1990 onwards Yugoslavia has fractured amid much bloodshed, but it wasn't particularly big. The key issue is reather: is the country an artificial creation and is it beset by internal strife?
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