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What were the causes and effects of the Haitian revolution?

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May 27, 2015 9:54PM

The white plantation owners wanted to rule themselves and the rest of the government. The mulattoes wanted to be equal to the whites and the slaves wanted freedom.

As a result, military genius Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated which laid a huge blow to France's economy after Haiti was the major exporter of sugar and coffee and provided the most wealth out of all the entire world. After losing the colony and all of its riches, in need of some capital he sold the Louisiana territory to the United States (consisting of about 14 U.S. states). The Haitian Revolution was also very influential to the rest of the Latin American colonies. Simon bolivar, Pan-Colombia revolutionary was armed with weapons and resources by Haiti's first President Alexandre Pétion in Haiti's tradition of solidarity, leading to mass revolutions in this region.

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