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they had no money

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Q: What were the economic problems that Ireland faced after World War 2?
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What problems did US face during World War 1?

they faced economic problems.

What were some of the problems that the US have as they entered ww1?

they faced economic problems and they faced problems with comunication with other countries

What problems faced Ford and carter?

Carter and Ford both faced economic problems but neither could solve the problems.

What are the main causes of the problems faced by the coca cola company?


What was one of the economic problems both France and Britain faced after World War 1?

Repayment of loans to the United States

What problems did the U.S. face entering World War 1?

After the World War 1, the United States was faced with economic problems. The country had to train, educate, and employ the people.

What were some of the problems the founding fathers faced after the revolution?

they faced political and economic problems, they also had to deal with creditors and debtors, and they also ha foreign relation problems......

What are some problems that Spain is facing?

Spain has faced a economic collapse.

What are the central economic problems?

the central economic problems faced by the economy are what to produce,how to produce,for whom to produce,how to achieve the fuller utilisation of resources

What economic problems faced the new nation?

They faced multiple problems...though the main ones were national debt,and the arguments over Government power balance.

What were four problems that the french directory faced?

Political Military Economic Legislative

What major problems did the US faced in the 21st century?

economic crash terrorism immigration

How did imperialism encourage economic dependence?

What problems faced new nation in Latin America?

What were the economic problems the new nation faced after the revolutionary war?

They faced multiple problems...though the main ones were national debt, and the arguments over Government power balance.

What were some ways Virginia attempted to deal with its economic problems and the problems faced by freed slave?

It gave rise to the Sharecropper.

What economic problems did the roman empire face in the third century?

There were a number of economic problems that the Roman Empire faced in the third century. There was military anarchy, plague, civil and other factors that led to economic depression.

What kind of economic problems has Nigeria faced in the past?

If you are in Miss Theresa's history class then I know you...

Did roman people ignore econmic problems?

The Roman took economic problems seriously when they faced the serious economic crisis of the third century. However, their understanding of economics was very limited.

Economic problem faced by reconstruction governments in the south?

One economic problem faced by reconstruction governments in the South was the amount of property damage that occurred during the war. Other economic problems included a loss of wealth, and a general lack of industry.

What problems do children have in third world countries?

They faced death

What were problems faced by the allies power after World War 2?

Many economic problems faced the Allies after WW2. They had to find jobs for millions of men who had been soldiers, yet factories were closing down. Many women lost jobs that were for the War Effort. In general it was a very difficult period.

Why have countries in central Asia faced economic problems?

These were some of the poorest countries in the world. When they gained Independence they had a hard time standing on their own. Also economic practices during the soviet era have created problems. And central Asia is home to many types of people that have hatred for eachother , so that pretty much craeted problems.

Why did the Jewish people came to America?

They came to America because of persecution, discrimination, and economic problems they faced in Russia.

What challenges had India faced in 21st century?

Political problems with Pakistan on borderseconomic and social development challrenges

What problems has rl stine faced?

R.L.Stine faced problems