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What were the first generation consoles?

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The first generation of consoles included the Magnavox Odyssey, the Magnavox Odyssey 200, the Coleco Telstar, and the Nintendo Color TV Game.

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What are any eighth generation consoles?

There are currently no 8th generation consoles available or in development. The current console generation is the seventh generation, and it includes the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. Due to an increased emphasis on peripheral development in this generation (such as Kinect and the PlayStation Move), eighth generation consoles are unlikely to appear for several more years.

Is Sega Saturn like PS1?

Yes, they are of the same generation of consoles, and both were termed "32-bit" consoles. They had many games released on both consoles.

First video game consoles?

Consoles? A plug in tv one was called the Odyssey, followed by Atari making arcade machines. I believe the first console (as people see it today, was in the generation after the odyssey (2nd generation) was either the atari 2600, fairchild channel F, or the 1292 Advanced programmable Video system.

Can you play ps2 games on a 160 gb PS3?

No that is one of the PS3 consoles with 2 USB ports and part of the 3rd generation of PS3 consoles. Only the first 2 generations of PS3 consoles with 4 USB ports play PS2 games with backward compatiblity

How well do the sales of the Nintendo Wii compare to those of other consoles?

The Nintendo Wii is the best selling games console of its generation - otherwise known as the 7th generation. The other consoles for comparison are the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

What is the difference between the old games consoles and the new games consoles?

The answer is quite simple. The difference between the old games consoles and the new games consoles is not only the modelling of the either games consoles but the functional properties and the way it operates. Old games consoles are the consoles that were manufactured back in the year 1978 onwards. You'd recall consoles such as SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment system), SEGA 16-bit console, PlayStation 1 and a whole lot of other old games consoles. It was these game consoles that world-famous characters such as the Mario Bros., Sonic & Knuckles (from Sega), Tetris and a whole lot of others. However, the gameplay of the old gmaes consoles only features in 2-D mode, and the graphics/bit-rate is not as substnatial or detailed to the newer consoels. The newer models, such as the Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and the Xbox starts to introduces 3-D gameplaying. The bit-rate are substantial in quantity, sois the quality of the graphics and the style of playing. They are, what you'd call as of now, the 2 generation of games consoles. The 3rd generation gaming consoles are ones such as the new Wii from Nintendo, The PS3 from Sony and Xbox 360 from Microsoft. They are, as of right now, the ultimate in revolutionary games consoles. From the first generation games consoles and the second generation, the controllers contained wires. But the revolutionary games consoles have wireless controllers, thus preventing controllers and other wires becoming tangles and possible breakage. If you look form 1982 up to now, the gaming industry have come a long way. Personally, I think it's fun to play old retro games such as Super Mario Bros. 1, Pacman and many other games that world-famous gaming characters were evolved from.

Is the Shadow the Hedgehog video game on the Wii?

No, only on the previous generation consoles (PlayStation 2, Gamecube, XBOX).

Do all PS3 units play ps2 games?

No. The launch consoles do, via hardware. The second generation did via software. The current generation have no backwards compatibility, but they are significantly cheaper.

First generation of an offspring?

The first generation of offspring from a cross is called the F1 generation.

What is worth more xbox One or PS4?

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have announced a price for their next generation of consoles.

The offspring of the P1 generation are?

The F1 generation or (first filial) indicates that it is the first offsring of the P1 generation.

Who is the author of Oddworld?

Oddworld is not a book, but rather a series of video games for current and older generation consoles. The first game was released in 1997 and OnLive just listed the Oddworld series as one of its playable games.

In what waysecond generation computer differ from the first generation computer?

Vacuum tubes are used in first generation computers and transistors are used in second generation computers. Second generation computers are ten times faster than the first generation.

What are the difference between the first generation and the second generation of computer?

first generation used vacuum tubes second generation used transistors

How many frames per second halo 4 has?

30 All (Current generation) consoles run at a maximum of 30 FPS.

What Nintendo console is the lowest in price currently?

Of Nintendo's current generation of consoles the Nintendo Ds version is the lowest priced at $99.99

Does the pokemon center in New York have old gameboy games such as ruby and sapphire plus old consoles in 2014?

It's the Nintendo World Store, not the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon Center was replaced by the Nintendo World Store in 2005. And no, it doesn't have old games and consoles. It only has current generation games and consoles.

How many Pokemon were in the second generation not counting the first generation?

100. There are 251 Pokemon by the end of the second generation. The first 151 Pokemon were all first generation Pokemon. That leaves you with 100 second generation Pokemon.

Is Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to be compatible with future games to trade and battle with?

There is barely any information on Generation 5 yet.. But going on history,The original silver and gold(Generation 2) was compatible with Red and Blue(Generation 1) but was incompatible with Ruby and Sapphire(Generation 3) because of the different consoles (Gameboy and Gameboy adv). But Generation 3 was compatible with Generation 4 and they were on different consoles (Gameboy adv and DS). So it could go either way.But I would guess that Generation 5 is going to be the same as Generation 4 just with more pokemon, Like silver and gold were to Red and Blue, since were not going to see a ds for a few years.In short: Probably.                                         -jsn.wndsr

Mendel called the offspring of the P generation the first filial generation or the generation?

the yeah generation

Why was xbox360 important?

Xbox 360 was the first console of the current generation of video gaming consoles. Not only did it pave the way for the Sony Playstation 3, but it also marked the switching of power in the gaming industry from Sony to Microsoft.

What generation is Natsu in the Fairy Tail anime?

Natsu is the a First Generation Dragonslayer because First Generation is when you are taught by a dragon, Second Generation is when you have a lacrima in your body, and Third Generation is when you have both.

What are the fifteen features of first generation computer?

What are the features of first generation computer

What was the first generation of immigrants to Israel after World War 2?

The first generation was

What year was the first generation of the computer?

the first generation of computers was 1945-1954