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What were the goals of labor unions?


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Early labor unions attempted to organize workers in order to obtain safe working conditions, better wages, and shorter working hours in the day. Some unions believed it was necessary to accomplish those goals through the political process. Other unions met in secret and did not want owners of industry or companies to know they existed. Some thought only violence would accomplish their goals. As labor unions grew, they became important voting blocs. Most unions started out trying to obtain the "bread and butter" issues--better wages, safe working conditions, fewer hours. These goals spread to include medical leave without a deduction in pay; pensions provided by owners and workers; medical insurance paid for by owners and workers; laws against child labor; support for free public education, protection of political and civil rights of workers; and the right to hold collective bargaining elections, so that the workers could vote to join a union or not.


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The labor unions wanted better pay, reasonable working hours, better working conditions, etc. for workers.

Money, organization, public sympathy, and violence.

The goals of the knights of labor is that to organize the workers under one brotherhood rather than into separate unions. It is one of the early organizations of united states.

higher wages and better working conditions

Labor Unions struggled to accomplish their goals because there had been no official annotation stating that unions had the right to organize and come together as one to benefit their working situation. Also had they performed these restricted acts, the leaders of the unions would be fined or jailed

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The government did not like labor unions along with big corporations. As a result labor unions were illegal until the 1930's.

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