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Jews, including the Roma, Soviets, ethnic Poles; other Slavic people; the physically or mentally disabled; gay men; religious dissidents such as Jehovah's Witnesses, and political dissidents were killed by Nazis.

Jews were mostly involved in the Holocaust so they should be the only one


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Mainly, Jews were the people that were killed during the Holocaust.

There were many groups of people not part of the holocaust, such as young children who weren't jews, elderly people who were jews, gypsies or disabled. But a part from that many people were! :(

Nazis and Jews were the main two groups.

People from all ethnic groups died during the holocaust, but the only ethnic groups that were specifically targeted by the Nazis for extermination were the Jews and the Roma, or Gypsies. The Jewish people were the primary victims of the Nazi camps.

Jews, Gypsies, disabled people and many other groups.

The Nazi Party of Germany allowed the Holocaust to happen so the German people would be unified against the Jewish people.

If you mean by the number of an countries population of certain groups of people who were killed in the Holocaust then the USSR in which 1,598,000 out would of been 3.28 Million people who survived the Holocaust. Most of these were Jews.

maybe some neo-Nazi groups celebrate it, but most people commemorate it.

Many minority groups were targeted. People like homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. were targeted.

None or practically none. Are you confusing the Holocaust (genocide of the Jews and other minority groups) with World War 2?

There were many other groups of people targeted during the holocaust that did not include Jews, these groups were: Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals, Mentally handicapped, and Africans.and the jamies and areeeebs and the Stevens

Many groups fought, but if the Holocaust were to be split into two groups, they would be the victims and the perpetrators.

The Holocaust is a term for the Nazi's attempt to eliminate Europe's Jews. There were other groups who suffered under the Nazis; for example the Gypsies arguably were subjected to greater decimation, but these actions, though in the same time and place were separate from the Holocaust, carried out under different orders. Blacks and LGBTQ people were also victims.

There were many other groups that had people killed by Hitler and the Nazis, but the Holocaust was the specific actions against the Jews, therefore there were no other groups killed in the Holocaust. The only other group which suffered similar persecution to the Jews was the gypsies.

Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally retarded persons, trade unionists, and more.

Yes they were. Jehovah's Witnesses were one of the groups targeted in the Holocaust by Hitler.

The majority of people exterminated in the Holocaust were Jewish. Other persecuted groups include Gypsies, homosexuals, and Jehova's Witnesses.

Holocaust victim usually refers to people who were killed in the Holocaust, so it is not clear who you are referring to: refugees from Nazi Germany? Holocaust survivors? Both groups? I imagine that the main library in Houston or the municipal archives would have a good idea.

Please see the related question. It gives a fairly full list of the groups concerned.

It was an organized mass extermination of groups of people considered "undesirable" by Nazi Germany. Groups targeted included Jews, Catholics, gypsies, homosexuals, artists, academics, and anyone else the Nazis felt like eliminating.

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