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What were the hardships on the Oregon Trail?

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-indian attacks

-animals drowning

-shooting each other on accident

-terrains (mountains or hills)

-wagons breaking

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What hardships did people face on the Oregon Trail?

They died

What are some of the hardships that people fought against on the Oregon trail?

People on the Oregon trail faced being attacked by Indians

What were some o the hardships they encountered in the Oregon trail?

There were several hardships that were encountered on the Oregon Trail. Some or all of these included the following: lack of supplies, such as food, water, shelter etc. Also they may have been attacked by Native Americans and wild animals.

What was controversial about on the Oregon trail?

think about the Native Americans and also look at the deaths and hardships the pioneers faced

What hardships did immigrants face on the Oregon Trail?

Immigrants on the Oregon Trail risked floods, dangerous river crossings, disease, snakes, accidents, shortages of supplies, and snowstorms. There were also attacks by Native Americans.

What were the hardships of starvation in Oregon trail?

If pioneers did not bring enough food with them and were caught by early snow storms, it was possible to starve.

What is a famous trail to Oregon?

The trail you seek is the Oregon Trail.

How did the railroad change the west?

One thing the Transcontinental Railroad did for the west was eliminating the Oregon Trail. Essentially, you could move to the West (California predominantly) without the hardships, many times death, that came with traveling the Oregon Trail.

Did Oregon get the Oregon trail?

Yes, the Oregon Trail went through Oregon.

Is it true that Travelers along the Oregon Trail faced many hardships due to both terrain and weather conditions that were unpredictable?


What state is at the end of the Oregon trail?

The Oregon Trail stopped in Oregon.

What where are hardships did they face on the Oregon trail?

Some hardships of the Oregon trail was weathering. During thunderstorms a half a dozen people would die from thunderstrikes. Also accidents the wagons they rode were not safe if someone were to fall in front of one then the big wheels would run them over and they would die. Mostly children would die from accidents.

Where did the Oregon Trail go?

The Oregon Trail started in Missouri then ended in Oregon.

What was the path that the pioneers followed into the Oregon country?

Oregon trail? Oregon trail?

When did the Oregon Trail ended?

The Oregon Trail ended in Oregon City in 1869.

In what city did the Oregon trail end?

The Oregon Trail ended in Portland, Oregon.

When did the Oregon Trail start?

The Oregon Trail started in 1841.

What is a route from Missouri to California on the Oregon trail?

there is no Oregon trail

When was Oregon Trail created?

Oregon Trail was created in 183#.

Where is the Oregon trail?

it is in oregon

How does The Oregon Trail relate to US history?

The Oregon Trail was a pioneer trail that started in Independence, Missouri and led to the Oregon Territory.

The Oregon Trail began in the 1880s?

No, the Oregon Trail began in the 1830s and 1840s. By the 1880s, the Oregon Trail had long since ended.

What hardships did the pioneers encounter on the Oregon trail?

Starvation, too much heat, steep hills, rivers and lakes, death in multiple ways, etc.

When did the Oregon trail begin and end?

The Oregon Trail began in Missouri and ended in Oregon City

How many miles was the Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail was about 2000 miles.