Decade - 1920s

What were the least popular sports so popular in the 1920s?


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because they were Probably because everything comes and goes and ends up unpopular at some point.

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I think it was because of the rising economy and finally being able to afford stadiums ect.

The radio was invented in the 1920s, allowing us to hear the commentary during games.

POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

There wasn't any tv in the 1920s. The first public demonstration was in the 1920s, though, so you can search "first tv ever".

It is not as popular as a lot of other sports so, no.

because of the Red Scare and they were against the increasing immigration.

Because it was believed to get people rich quick.

Rugby is one of the most popular sports worldwide, though it may not seem so here in the US where sports like baseball and football garner more attention.

because Giants stay top

Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in the winter Olympics

the most popular sports in Sweden are soccer and ice hockey, so i guess they are the national sporst. ;)

A jock is usually someone in college or high school that does many popular sports and has many friends that are popular so he/she is popular.

tennis is a good sport for a women and so is socer

Gaelic Football and Hurling are Ireland's two national sports, so they are hugely popular. Rugby, soccer, horse racing and golf, amongst others, would also be popular.

Boxing became popular because people wanted to take their anger out on other people so they decided to make it a legal thing, a sport.

soccer football and basketball and also baseball so theres actually four top sports>

That really all depends on where you live. Most popular and least popular names differ from country to country, so there really is no definite answer.

I have really no idea. But don't blame me.Please don't blame me

Richard Nixon has been the least popular US president so far.

Well, the sports are played the exact same but the players and there surroundings are very different. In the 1920s the players went the same places everyone else did and so it was common to see someone like Babe Ruth eating peacefully at a restaurant. But now a days, if you saw someone like Albert Pujols at a restaurant then everyone would be going crazy and fighting just to get to him. The players in the 1920s weren't as big headed either.

around 20th out of all the sports in the WORLD!!! there is a lot of sports in the world so i think volleyball is really popular

The least popular birthday in the world would be on February 29 because it is on leap year and leap year comes evry 4 years so February 29 only exists one day every 4 years so it would probly be the least popular.

Well they did have school in the 1920s so I'm guessing yes, they did.

NASCAR is one of the most watched sports if not the most so no golf isn't more popular.

There are many sports who are popular late back 1970's like: Alpine Skiing, American Football, Artistic Gymnastic, Assocation Football to the last Yatc Racing. so in different countries, there's a lot of sport that are very popular.

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