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Q: What were the main changes after Vatican II?
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What changes happened in the Catholic Church due to Vatican II?

There were many changes in the church for help go love stacy xoox

When and where was Vatican II held?

Vatican Council II (1962 - 1965) was held in Vatican City located in Rome, Italy.

Who closed Vatican Council II?

Pope Paul VI closed Vatican II.

Where did Vatican ii take place?

Vatican II took place inside Vatican City, which is a sovereign state, in the middle of Rome.

Who was the pope who convened Vatican Council II?

Vatican II was called by Pope John XXIII.

Is the Vatican II the Same as the 2nd Vatican council?


How long did Vatican II last?

Vatican II lasted approximately 3 years: 1962-1965.

What was the difference between Vatican I and Vatican II?

Vatican 1 was a dogmatic council and specifically addressed papal infallibility. Vatican II was a pastoral council (no dogma defined, no infallible teachings).

Where was the 1962-65 Vatican held?

In Vatican City, thus the name Vatican Council II.

Who was pope during Vatican II?

Popes John XXIII and Paul VI were popes during Vatican II.

What happened after Vatican Council II?

After the Vatican Council II closed, the Popes started to implement the changes that were asked for by the Council. They are still in the process of that in the early 21st century, and will be at it for another fifty years. The Church doesn't move on the same time schedule as the modern world.

When did Vatican II start?

The Vatican II (2) was in session from October 11, 1962 until December 8, 1965.

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