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Q: What were the nagatives and positives for Ivory Coast?
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Which continent has the ivory coast?

Africa has the Ivory Coast.

Where do people live in ivory coast?

In Ivory Coast only!!!

Does Ivory Coast have a prime minister?

Yes, the Ivory Coast has a Prime Minister whom is appointed by the President of the Ivory Coast.

Where did Ivory Coast get its name from?

people used to trade ivory along the coast

Is ivory coast a rich or poor country?

Ivory Coast is a very poor country.

What climate is the Ivory Coast?

Ivory Coast's climate is tropical savanna.

How did Ivory Coast obtain its independence?

when it is the declaration of independence in ivory coast

What are the biomes in ivory coast?

Ivory Coast is a Tropical Rainforest Biome.

Does the Ivory Coast have a rainforest?

Yes, along the coast line the ivory coast is covered with rainforest.

What is the landmarks in the ivory coast?

I don't know all but I do know that the most famous landmark in Ivory Coast is National park of Ivory Coast.

What did ivory coast manufacture?

Ivory coast's major export was coacoa beans.

Are there many rapes in the ivory coast?

Yes. Rape plagues the Ivory Coast.