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Shakespeare wrote his plays between 1590 and 1613.

2012-07-03 14:43:14
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Q: What were the names of the plays that William Shakespeare wrote in 1801?
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Who is the real writer of the Shakespeare plays and sonnets?

William Shakespeare wrote all the plays and sonnets, they have been saying that bard wrote them but William shakespeare fact wrote all of them.

What William Shakespeare did?

he wrote poems and wrote plays

What were the names of the six plays that William wrote?

Shakespeare wrote thirty-eight plays, not six. See the related question to see the thirty-six plays.

Was Shakespeare a lawyer?

No William Shakespeare was not a lawyer! He wrote plays .

What was William Shakespeare genre?

Shakespeare wrote poetry and plays.

Who wrote shakspears plays?

William Shakespeare

Who really wrote Shakespeare?

Shakespeare was a person not a play. He was a man called William Shakespeare and he was the one who wrote the plays.

What else did William Shakespeare write excluding plays?

William Shakespeare also wrote poems.

How many plays did Shakespeare in his lifetime?

William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays all together.

What did williamshakespeare do?

William Shakespeare wrote plays and sonnets

Where did william shakespeare performe his plays?

The plays he wrote were performed at the Globe.

How many plays and sonnets did William Shakespeare write?

William Shakespeare wrote 34 plays that we know of. He possibly co-wrote 2 other plays and there is a theory that Shakespeare actually wrote 40 plays in total but we cannot find 6 of them. There were also 154 sonnets.

What are the plays called that Shakespeare writes?

william shakespeare wrote the play romeo and juliet.

When was William Shakespeare writing his plays?

Shakespeare wrote approximately between 1590 and 1613.

Who wrote the plays that were performed in the Globe Theatre?

William Shakespeare

Was woman allowed to play in plays wrote by William Shakespeare and why?


Who wrote The Tempest?

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!!!! (Although there is a conspiracy that Bacon wrote Shakespeare's plays!)

William Shakespeare what was the name of the plays he did?

Please rephrase your question. Are you asking which plays Shakespeare wrote, or which ones he acted in?

How old was Shakespeare when he wrote his plays?

Shakspeare was exactly 37 when he wroth his plays William Shakespeare wrote most of his plays while between the ages of 25 and 48.

William Shakespeare and Ben Johnson were writers of?

They wrote plays. They never wrote them together although they were friendly and Shakespeare had acted in some of Jonson's plays.

How many plays did William Shakespeare wrote?

William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays. Some of the most prominent of these include A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Julius Cesear, and MacBeth.

Who wrote plays Hamlet and Midsummers Night Dream?

William Shakespeare wrote those plays.

What three types of plays did William Shakespeare?

Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, and histories (tragicomedies).

Did willam Shakespeare write playes?

Yes, william shakespeare wrote many famous plays.

What country did William Shakespeare write his plays?

Shakespeare wrote all his plays in England. They are not all set in England, though.