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Log roads

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Q: What were the roads called constructed by placing logs together?
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What were the roads called that were constructed by placing logs close together?

corduroy roads

What did the Inca use to build their roads?

The Inca built their roads using a technique called "ushnu," which involved fitting irregular stones tightly together without the use of mortar. These roads were constructed primarily for military and administrative purposes, connecting various parts of the Inca Empire.

What were romen roads made out of?

The Roman Empire constructed roads from stone, usually a form of marble or slate.

What was a feature of the roads Romans constructed?

english: yhey used stone

Who was the inventor of the Roman roads?

A specific inventor of Roman roads is unknown, however archaeology has shown that the Roman road was developed over many hundreds of years form the beginning of the Empire to its final collapse and demise in around 700ad. This design was so good that even today there are sections of preserved Roman road which can be used for transport and many modern routes follow the original routes of the Roman roads.

Which group built the roman roads and why were they elevated in the middle?

The Roman roads were constructed by the army. They were elevated slightly in the center for drainage purposes.

Why are there few Pucca roads in the desert?

Pucca roads - roads paved with asphalt - are expensive to construct. They are constructed in areas with a lot of traffic. Many desert roads have little vehicle use so are not worth the expense and effort.

Why are roads called roads?

Because they are roads.

What evidence suggests that the norte chico had developed a strong central government?

The civilization had constructed cities, with roads linking them, and canal systems for irrigation.the construction of roads, cities, and canals

How did the roads constructed throughout the Roman empire contribute to their success?

The roads allowed troops and goods to travel fast. Some still exist today. I have been on the Appian Way one of the major Roman roads.

What are Roman military highways?

Roman military highways are the same as the main Roman roads. Remember that the reason the Romans built their roads in the first place was for the military, plus the military men were the ones who constructed the roads.

What are the names of the roads sher shah suri built?

Four important roads constructed by him were as follows: (i) Grand trunk road from SW1argaon to Peshawar; (ii) road from Agra to Multan via Burhanpur and Delhi; (iii) road from Multan to Lahore; and (iv) road from Mandu to Agra. Of these four roads, the first was the most important. The roads built by Sher Shah are called 'the arteries of the empire'. The roads were lined with trees, wells and rest houses.