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Q: What were the three major eurpean powers in the new world?
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Three major axis powers of World War 2?

Italy , Germany and Japan .

Who was fighting with Germany in world war 2?

The three major members of the axis powers were Gemany, Italy and Japan

Who were the major world powers between 1870 and 1914?

Both UK and USA were the major world powers between 1870 and 1914.

The naval armaments of the major world powers were significantly reduced?

The Washington Conference of 1921 significantly reduced the naval armaments of the major world powers. The major world powers involved were the U.S, Japan, France, and Great Britain.

What were the three major allies of Germany during World War 2?

the three major allies for germany was japan, italy and soviet union.... but soviet union went to the allied powers after hitler betrayed stalin (soviet union)

Where did the axis powers take place?

In World War II (as well as for some years prior), the major Axis powers were three in number and were located in Europe and in Asia. The two European "majors" were Germany and Italy, while the Asian "major" was Imperial Japan.

What Eurpean country ruled Lebanon after World War 1?


Who are the three powers the US fought in World War 2?

The three powers that the US fought against during World War II were Germany, Japan, and Italy

What were the three allied powers of World War 2?

The three main Allied powers were USA, British Empire, Soviet Union.

Who we're the three main AXIS powers?

The three main axis powers in world war 2 were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Three countries that formed the Axis Powers?

Germany, Italy, Japan were the three axis powers during World War 2

Who were the major powers after World War 2?

That was the beginning of the Cold War - a competition between Russia and the United States. They were the primary world powers of the time.