What were the three stooges' most popular episodes?

Well, I don't know that we have enough space for me to really go into detail but one of my favorites is In the Sweet Pie and Pie. Three sisters need to get married within 48 hours to get a $10 million inheritance. Their lawyer comes up with a plan ... they will marry three convicts who will be hanged the next day. They will get their inheritance and not have to be married. Of course, the three convicts are the Stooges who are to be hanged for a murder they did not commit. They are married in a jail cell but when it comes to the hanging, the ropes break when the trap doors are opened. While the Stooges are on the ground 'recovering' from the fall, the warden is handed a telegram which states the Stooges have been pardoned due to the confession of someone else. The Stooges are set free and they find the house of the sisters, their wives, which doesn't sit well with the girls. After the girls make them take dancing lessions and baths 10 times a day, the Stooges are still very much 'happily' married. The sisters consult with their lawyer again and he instructs them to throw a lavish party where the Stooges are sure to embarass them. He says divorce will then be a cinch. The party turns into a classic pie throwing event. (One guest is talking to one of the sisters. He says "I usually get bored at parties but I know I'm gonna get a bang out of this one.". WHAM! A pie straight in the chops. One of the guests is talking about his hunting trip. He says "I raised my rifle and FIRED!". WHAM!) But the sisters, instead of getting upset at the Stooges, get upset with the lawyer and the episode ends with them and the Stooges nailing the lawyer with pies. Obviously, their 'most popular' episodes is very subjective but I would also include An Ache in Every Stake, From Nurse to Worse, Busy Buddies, and False Alarms, along with In the Sweet Pie and Pie as five of their best ever.