History of the United States
Washington, D.C.

What were the two capital cities before Washington DC?

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Philadelphia and New York.

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What were the two US capital cities before Washington DC?

philadelphia and New York

Which two cities became US capitals before Washington DC became the permanent capital?

New York, then Philadelphia

What two capital cities was manassas located between?

Washington and Richmond

What capital cities are named after people?

the capital city is named washington dc after two important people give their name

What were two capital before Washington DC?

philadelphia new york

What was the two states that were capitals of the america before Washington D.C.?

Before Washington, D.C. the capital was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, even before that, New York, New York served as the capital.

Why is it important to compare London and Washington?

London and Washington DC are both Capital Cities and where the Governments of the two Countries - UK and USA - are situated.

What two cities were the capitals of the US before Washington DC?

Philadelphia and New York

Why does Ireland have two capital cities?

Ireland has one capital city, which is Dublin. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Those are the two cities you are thinking of.

What are two capital cities in south America?

Buenos Aires and Caracas are two capital cities in South America. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.

What two cities were capital of Illinois before springfield?

Kaskaskia 1809-1818 Vandalia 1819-1839

What south american nation has two capital cities?

Bolivia has two capital cities that are:la Paz,and Sucre I hope you like this answer.

What cities was capitol of Ohio before Columbus?

Chillicothe was the first capital of Ohio. The capital moved to Zanesville for two years then back to Chillicothe before Columbus was built to become the new permanent capital of the state.

What are the two capital cities of Africa?

Africa is a content, so it does not have a capital!

Should Melbourne be the capital city of Australia?

Melbourne and Sydney are the two most dominant cities in Australia. These two cities were fighting to be the capital city but about halfway of these cities is Canberra. This is how Canberra became the capital city of Australia.

What are two of the biggest cities in the country of Australia?

The two largest cities by population in Australia are Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, and Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.

What are the two capitals in Peru?

does peru have to capital cities

The two capital cities of boliva?

sucre and lapaz

Cape Town and Pretoria are Two capital cities of?

South Africa has three capital cities: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein

What are the smallest cities in Fiji?

There are only two cities in Fiji. Suva the capital and Lautoka. Lautoka not being the capital would be smaller.

What capital city touches two continents?

There is no capital city that touches two continents. There are four cities in the world that touch two continents, but none of them is the capital of a country.

Washington D.C. airport named for 2 cities?

Seatac is named after Seatle and Tacoma. Seatac is named after Seatle and Tacoma. The question is probably "Washington airport named for two cities, not Washington DC airport named for two cities.

What are the two biggest cities in Washington?

Seattle and Tacoma.

What two cities are west of the rockies?

california and washington

Why is Canberra named the Australian capital territory?

Canberra is not named the Australian Capital Territory. Canberra is Australia's federal capital, and it lies within the territory of the ACT, or Australian Capital Territory. The NSW government ceded land for the new Australian Capital Territory to the Commonwealth Government, and the Australian Capital Territory was founded on 1 January 1911. Australia's capital could not be either of the two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, as the two cities had been rivals since before the goldrush days. It was therefore decided that the nation's capital should be situated between the two cities. A location was chosen which was 248km from Sydney and 483km from Melbourne, within easy access of both cities.