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The first was that only those who owned property, particularly land, were truly invested in the success and preservation of the government.

The second was the idea that only people with financial "independence" could make responsible and disinterested political decisions.

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Two major justifications for property qualifications for suffrage?

Two major justifications for property qualification for suffrage to give them equal footing in society. Woman felt that to own land meant the were not only invested in the success of the government. This ownership gave them a financial independence.

Who were major people in the women's suffrage movement?

the term suffrage is MOST specifically associated with Emmeline Pankhurst

Who determines qualifications for president?

The minimum qualifications are set by the US Constitution. The major parties and the voters decide the final qualifications.

What president was a major advocate for women's suffrage?

t rosevelt

What strategy did major womens suffrage organizations use to campaign for the vote?


Qualifications for mayor?

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What were kate shepherd's major accomplishments?

she grant universal adult suffrage to men and women equally.

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What were the major arguments used pro and con in the debate over expandinf suffrage during the age of Jackson?

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What is the major constitutional qualifications for the presidency?

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What were the contradictions in the progressive movement?

One of the contradictions of the progressive movement involved race. Black suffrage was a major a problem and was not covered enough in the movement.

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What themes is most closely associated with suffrage?

The use of color was important in the days before television and the Internet, and so there were two major color themes that were closely associated with women's suffrage: 1) The use of gold or yellow with a variety of other colors and 2) The use of British suffrage colors (purple, white, and green) and the American variant, which was purple, white, and gold.

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