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Q: What were their main punishment if they disobey the rules in the residential schools?
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What is the definition of disobey?

To go against rules.

Is it all right to disobey traffic rules?

No, it is not all right to disobey the law, and it is not safe. Disobeying traffic rules will result in an accident and you or someone else could be hurt or killed.

What means to disobey or ignore rules?

to have sex with a sexy lady

What will you do if you don't do your homework?

You will take the consequences of your choices - bad grades, not understanding the material, and possibly punishment for not obeying the rules (in some schools).

Can you give a sentence using the word advisable?

It is not advisable to disobey rules.

What is a word meaning breaking the rules?

you could use disobey..... or Contravene .... flout

Why do schools in china have rules?

all schools have rules

Who is not behaving?

You can tell if they are not behaving on the way they act. If they are obeying the rules, that's GOOD behavior. If they DISOBEY the rules, that is bad behavior.

Is there a word that means not to follow the rules?

The word you are looking for is "nonconformity," which refers to the act of not following established customs, behaviors, or rules.

How many users are there in chewing gum?

There are a lot of them because they think that they are cool and can disobey the rules at school.

What are the Rules for determining residential status of an individual?


Why are there rules for the mosque?

" There are rules in a mosque because a mosque is the Islam's Allah [god] and we must follow those rules because we are his servents and Muslim's will never disobey Allah [god]."