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Thurgood Marshall's careers were an attorney and A Supreme Court Justice .

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Who is Thurgood Marshalls mother?

Thurgood Marshall's mother is Norma Arica,teacher.

What was Thurgood Marshalls Faviroitre Color?

thurgood marshall favorite color was blue

What was thurgood marshalls education?

Thurgood Marshall attended a black segregated school

What was thurgood marshalls childhood hardships?


Was thurgood marshalls life interesting?

No no it wasnt

What is thurgood marshalls sons names?

Mike and Shane

What was the name of Thurgood Marshalls brother?

Thurgood only had one brother and his name was William Aubrey

What was thurgood marshalls hometown like after he had kids?


What is Thurgood Marshalls mothers name is?

norma africa williams

What was Thurgood Marshalls role in brown v board of education?

He was an attorney for the NAACP. - NovaNet.

Who were Thurgood Marshalls Parents?

i dont knownozo16 was hereyou thought i knew well fart you

What was thurgood marshalls favorite color?

ive read about him his favorite color is light and dark blue

What where thurgood marshalls wifes names?

Thurgood Marshall first wife name was "Buster" Burey. Burey died in 1995 and thurgood then married his second wife "Cassy" cecilia suyat by: lakasual dunn-alllen

How was thurgood marshalls position of status propelled by brown vs board of education?

future position of status

How was thurgood marshalls childhood?

he was punished in school for his mis behavior by being forced to read the constitution and it was FRICKEN AWESOME

What was thurgood marshalls importance in the civil rights movement?

noo dont beg it!! actually thurgood marshall defended the case of brown vs. he was a good lawyer, and won 29 out 30 cases.

What was marshalls first case?

In 1936 Thurgood Marshall argued to end segregation at the Unuiversity of Maryland and won.he toaly did yo

What was some of thurgood marshalls interest?

Anything that had to do with the NAACP or law. he studied in law. And became the first black man to be in the supreme court.

What is Thurgood Marshall most famous for?

Marshalls famous for being famous he likes to be patted on the back time to time again and if he can be umphed he'll appreciate that to.

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No there is no marshalls in Canada only in the USA

Does marshalls open on Easter Sunday?

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How long is marshalls open on Sundays?

Marshalls is open from 11am-8pm

Why did thurgood marshall do what he did?

Why did thurgood marshall dd what he did

How do you spell thurgood marshal?

Thurgood Marshall

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