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What were tv moments that were almost fatal?


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Todd L Ross
2019-08-02 19:17:30
2019-08-02 19:17:30
  1. The Brady Bunch
    • In the episode "The Cincinnati Kids," the script called for the cast to be filmed riding a rollercoaster. However, the camera that was mounted at the front of the coaster looked loose to Robert Reed (aka Mike Brady), and he ordered a test run of the coaster to ensure safety. Reed's gut proved to be right as the camera flew off its mount, and it would have potentially killed the cast had they been on board.
  2. Aaron Paul
    • A boulder nearly smashed the actor during the first season of the critically acclaimed series "Breaking Bad." The giant rock was sitting on top of an RV when it was blown off by a sudden gust of wind, and landed on the spot where Paul had just been standing a few moments earlier. Fortunately, Paul wasn't there because he had asked the director if he could shoot his take from an alternate spot.
  3. Matthew Fox
    • The star of the cult television series "Lost" nearly died when co-star Terry O'Quinn stabbed him with a real knife during a dramatic fight scene. Fox's near fatal encounter was the result of using a real blade instead of a collapsible one. The only thing that saved the actor was the protective vest that he wore at the insistence of the show's stunt coordinator.
  4. Richard Hammond
    • The "Top Gear" co-host was seriously injured while filming a segment at the old RAF Elvington airbase near the English city of York. The car he was driving, a jet-powered dragster called Vampire, spun out of control and rolled over into a grass field with enough force to embed Hammond's helmet into the turf. Hammond was reportedly going 288 mph at the time of the accident.
  5. Nigella Lawson
    • During the first episode of the culinary talent show "The Taste," a ceramic spoon cracked inside Lawson's mouth and nearly choked her. The mere act of trying to eat something led to a seriously scary coughing fit, but she lived to bite another day.
  6. Bob Denver
    • The star of "Gilligan's Island" almost became a lion's snack. There was a sequence during an episode where Denver tried to barricade himself from a lion inside Mr. and Mrs. Howell's hut, which would have worked if the lion weren't already in the hut. According to Denver, the lion made a run at him, but the beast's trainer was able to tackle it in mid air; thus, sparing Denver from being mauled.
  7. Kristin Chenoweth
    • The popular Broadway star nearly got killed by a piece of faulty equipment shortly after joining the show "The Good Wife." A light fixture fell on the set and struck her in the face while her first episode was being filmed. She wound up with a fractured skull, spinal and rib injuries, cracked teeth, and a broken nose. However, a more direct hit would have possibly ended her life.
  8. Thom Yorke
    • The Radiohead frontman was doing a gig for MTV's "Spring Break" when he jumped into a swimming pool and almost drowned. He managed to survive, but he nearly came close to dying again when he almost grabbed a live microphone while sopping wet. Fortunately, a heady MTV VJ kicked the mic out of Yorke's reach before he could touch it and electrocute himself.
  9. Jeff Chase with help from Jimmy Smits
    • During the filming of the show "Dexter," Smits was prepping for a scene where he stabbed a kill-room victim, played by stuntman Chase. But, Smits accidentally grabbed a real knife instead of the prop knife he was supposed to use. Chase's character was bound and gagged, so he had no way to yell stop. The only thing that saved Chase was a small piece of plastic that was covering his heart.

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