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Q: What wil happen if too much tension is exerted on a spring?
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What will happen if too much tension force is exerted on a spring?

Once you provide any material with a stress beyond its yield stress, it will deform plastically. In layman's terms, it will spring back partially once you let go, but you will permanently deform it.

What instrument measures how much work is being done to move an object?

A spring scale and a meter stick. Spring scale may be used to find force exerted. Meter stick finds distance through which force was exerted.

Can too much tension on a bolt action rifle's magazine spring cause rubbing on the shell casing?

Yes- the spring pushes on the follower, which pushes the cartridge up. Too much tension, and the cartridge is shoved against the bottom of the bolt.

A block is connected to the surface of a table via a string and an electric field is switched on perpendicular to it what will be the tension in the string when it becomes parallel to the field?

In order to know how much tension is on an object, you need to know how much force is being exerted by the object. The formula needed to find out how much force is on an object is T1F1.

How much back spring tension should be put on a tattoo machine shader?

400 to 450 grams est.

The measuring of how much gravitational force is exerted on an object is called?

The measure of how much gravitational force is exerted on an object is called?

How much tension if the bag is supported by 7 vertical strands That is how much tension is exerted in each strand Answer in units of N?

Assuming that all strands are vertical/ parallel to gravity and equally spaced (on a radius) around the centre of gravity then tension on each strand will be equivalent to weight x 9.81 divided by 7 equals tension in Newtons. If the strands are not normal and/or at varying distances from centre of gravity then it becomes a little more complicated. Summ of tension on strands must equal weight of bag. Tension on each strand is a ratio of it's distance from the COG of the furthest most strand. Don't forget the further from perpendicular a strand is the more tension on the strand.

What is a sentence with tension?

Relax, you carry so much tension in your shoulders.

Is an idler pulley the same as a tension pulley?

pretty much-the 2 get confused all the time. Technically a tensioner is an assembly with a spring and an idler is a fixed pulley-most newer cars have both.

How much pressure is exerted by air at sea level?

1013 mb

What is the meaning of a 'no brainer'?

There is an obvious answer to the queries hence not much effort to be exerted.

What is a sentence for vocab word tension?

do not take too much of tension. tension can kill a man very easily.