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Your symptoms of being on the pill will gradually decrease and you may experience irregular menstrual cycle while your body adjusts to being off the pill.

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I took birth control for a year but stopped for a month is it possible to miss a period after not taking birth control for a month?

It matters what birth control....Depo you can miss a period. And the pill stays in your system for 2 to 3 months after you stop taking it. Some girls miss a period as a growing month.

When can you start taking birth control during the month?

You start taking birth control pills the first Sunday after your period ends, but Its always best to consult your Dr.

What are the side effects of stopping your birth control pill and then getting back on it a month later?

A Baby

I would like to stop taking birth contol when is the best time in my cycle to do so?

well, i start to take the birth control pill. i took one month, but i stop taking the pill the next month. what happen did control your period or not what is the risk.

Can you get pregnant after taking birth control for one month then stopping it?

If you had sex Yes. After you stop taking the pill then you might get pregnant

How long does it take to get pregnant if you stop taking the birth control injection Petogenafter taking it for one month?

3, moñths

If you are taking birth control correctly are you protected the whole month even during your period?


What if you're on birth control and it comes time to start your period and you don't but you did earlier that month?

No worries. Just continue taking the birth control pill as scheduled.

Can you get pergnent from only taking birth control pills twice in just one month alone?

can you get pergnent if you took birth control pills only twice last month then had your period but had unprotected sex after your period will you get your period the next month??

Can starting birth control cause two periods in one month?

It's possible that breakthrough bleeding could occur as result of taking birth control pills.

Stopped taking birth control for month and restarted now im bleeding?

Go see a doctor.

Is it normal to get your period twice a month when you first start taking birth control?

Yes birth control changes your cycle causing your body to have to adjust to the birth control after a few weeks it should become a normal schedule.

You missed your period last month you have an IUD but you are also taking birth control pills can you be pregnant?

YES - no birth control devices are 100% effecitive. It is still possible to get pregnant.

Do you take your birth control everyday of every month?

yes you have to take your birth control bill daily or you have every chance of getting pregnant, as a miss in taking it will make you pregnant.

If you stop taking the pill after 3 days of being on it can you still get pregnant that month?

Yes birth control pills aren't effective until you complete one full month of taking them.

Can you be pregnant if you stopped taking your birth control pills a month and a half ago?

Yes it is possible, take a test!

You just stop taking your birth control pills about a month ago how can you become pregnant?

By having unprotected sex.

What happens when you dont get your period after taking birth control for a month?

Hi, This does sometimes happen hun and is nothing to worry about. You should get your period next month but you will need to do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy just incase you conceived during the first month of taking birth control pill as this does sometimes occur when you dont use protection. Take care.

Can you get pregnant during second month of birth control?

You can always get pregnant while using birth control, but after the first week of taking the pill, if you're using it correctly, you have the full protection from the pill.

If you are on your first month of birth control can it disrupt your period for that first month?

I'm having the same problem, just started taking YAZ and no period yet?

What will the effects be if you stopped taking birth control for three months and then started back up?

If you start taking the pill during your period (meaning six days within the day it started)it will have no effect at all,that is,it will protect you immediately.if you start taking it at any other time, it will take a month for it to work.

You have been taking birth control for a month and two weeks yet you still have spotting is this normal?

take a chill pill. :-)

Can birth control pill kill the sperm even if its the first day taking it?

Birth control doesn't kill sperm. Chances are if you started taking it the day after your period ended you're okay but they recommend using other contraceptives for the first month.

What are the beneficial effects of birth control?

Well, I have 2 periods per month so, my mom put me on birth control and at first it didn't work but then, it started to work. My periods became lighter and shorter.

Can you skip a month of birth control pills?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you do decide to skip your birth control for a month be sure to use a back-up method such as condoms, to prevent pregnancy because all the hormones from the birth control will be depleted from your system. Skipping your birth control may also cause unwanted side effects as well, such as: late or irregular periods, or spotting or breakthrough bleeding. When you do begin taking you birth control again, be sure to wait at least 2 months before you have unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It is not good to skip your birth control or take frequent breaks either. If you do find that the pill is not for you, you should consult your doctor to find a method that is better for you.