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Q: What will be your response if your friend greet you OLA?
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How do you greet a female friend in Italian?

The way to greet a female friend in Italian is Ciao!("Hello!"), which also works for a male friend.

How do you greet a friend in Hindi?


What do you say when you greet a friend?

Umm obviusly ur a smarta$$ bcuz era body knos how to greet ur friend by saying wahts up sexi!?!?

What does ola seja vinda amiga beijo mean?

Hi, you are welcome my friend, kisses.

How do you say' hello friend in Portuguese?

The Portuguese equivalent of the English greeting 'Hello, friend' is the following: Oi or ola, amiga or amigo. The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: oy; oh-LAH; ah-MEE-guh; ah-MEE-goo. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'oi' and 'ola' mean 'hello'; 'amiga' and 'amigo' mean 'friend'. The greeting 'oi' ends to be used in Brazil, 'ola' in Portugal.

What is the reply to praise God?

Well at my church we greet PRAISE GOD!!!!And the response is HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Where is the Ola District in Ola located?

The address of the Ola District is: 11475 Ola School Rd, Ola, 83657 0006

How do mussel obtain food?

ola ola ola

How do you say I greet you with peace my friend in Hindi or Japanese?

this does not really translate in Japanese, or rather should i say that it is not the way Japanese people would greet each other.

How do Cubans greet each other?

In Venezuela, people greet each other with a greeting appropriate for time of the day. Most common greetings are:Buenos DiasBuenos TardesBuenos NochesSee the related link for more information.

What nicknames does Ola Jordan go by?

Ola Jordan goes by Ola.

How do you greet a friend's father in Italian?

The way to greet a friend's father in Italian includes Buon giorno, Signore! Come sta Lei? ("Good day, Sir! How are you?" or È un piacere conoscerla, Signore! ("It's a pleasure to know you, Sir!").