What will cannabis do to you?

Cannabis will turn you into a crack head and you will kill lots of people.
Just joking.

Smoking cannabis relaxes you, settles your mind and puts any current problems on hold. You don't worry too much about anything.

One popular misconception is that smoking cannabis can cause mental heath issues. End of. However from personal and second hand experiences, i don't believe this completely. I started smoking when i was 15, young i know but i wasn't really too bothered about the consequences. A year and a half after i started smoking cannabis i developed a low mood, a depression if you like. This stuck with me for about two years.
I cant prove that it was the cannabis that caused this however i cant say it wasn't There was a lot of things happening in my life that were out of control and perhaps i just smoked cannabis to get away from all that but it just built up and things got worse.

Now, i was young. My brain wasn't fully developed. I believe that smoking at this age is not good, not good at all. I am now 18 and i have been smoking again for a year again. No signs of any low mood or negativity.

SO - if you're below the age of 17 stay away from smoking it often.

IF YOU'RE OVER 17 - It relaxes you and is an amazing social smoke.