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when particular websites changes their ISP their address also changes. It is like a company is moving their office location to another location.

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What will happen if a particular Website site uses a different ISP?


What information does the website ISP Review provide?

The website ISP Review provides reviews of Internet Service Providers in the UK. On this website, the have articles, reviews, a forum and complaints.

Is an Xbox 360 an ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. No the Xbox 360 does not supply it, it uses it.

What is the meaning of ISP hosting?

ISP stands for internet service provider. ISP hosting is most often done by companies as opposed to a one particular individual. ISP hosting means to provide internet and internet services to others.

What is the type of AOL website?

it is ISP(internet service provider)

What is the technology that uses a dedicatedx line from your ISP to your place of business?


What technology uses a dedicated line from your ISP to your place of business or residence?

dial up

What technology uses a dedicated line from your ISP to your place of business or residencetechnology?

a. Fiber optic

What uses one upload speed from the consumer to an ISP and faster download speed?


Can a website trace your isp or personal info from logins and comments?

Yes, it is possible for a website to trace your ISP from logins and comments. Almost all websites track the IP Address of everyone that connects. The IP address is the unique numerical address assigned to your Internet connection (whenever you connect to the Internet, or turn on your cable/DSL modem, it is assigned an IP address). When you connect to a website - whether you login, or comment, etc... - your IP address is recorded in the logs. Based on that, the website owner can determine the time you connected, and the specific page you loaded, such as a login page. With the IP, they can look up who owns the IP, and therefore the ISP you are using. It is NOT possible to obtain your personal information from your ISP unless the ISP provides it. Normally the ISP will only provide this information to police agencies, or the courts on subpoena (assuming the ISP is in the United States. I am unfamiliar with international laws). Regardless, the ISP will not share your information with a regular person, or even the owner(s) of a website.

How important is an ISP?

Without a Internet Service Provider you can not visit any website on the internet.

What is the disadvantage of using your ISP website for a low cost backup solution?

[Insert Answer Here]

What are the top ten isp companies?

The top ten ISP companies include, in no particular order, Earthlink, AOL, Comcast, MSN, NetZero, Verizon, AT&T, Juno, QWest, and Isp dot com. Earthlink, AOL, and Comcast are probably the most superior. By what criteria? When was this list published?

Who has the best rated ISP reviews?

According to the website consumersearch, the top 4 companies who have the best rated ISP reviews are Verizon FiOS, Cox Cable, Wow! Cable, and EarthLink.

What are the moral implications of stopping websites at the ISP level?

One of the moral implications is the shift of responsibility to the ISP operator rather than the web site owner or the government of the area where the web site is hosted or the website is accessed. Another moral implication is the potential for lack of due process where an ISP might block a website based on an accusation that the website is doing something wrong rather than as a result of "due process".

Which is more expensive isp or osp?


What is the difference between an ISP and a URL?

ISP is an Internet Service Provider such as: AOL, Comcast, Netzero, etc URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator basically its a website address like

Uses one upload speed from the consumer to an ISP and a faster download speed?

A static IP allows users to have the same ISP and have a faster download. Static IPs allow this because they are not shared with other users.

Why is important to use a local ISP?

Your ISP is your internet service provider. Their servers are basically your hardline connection to the internet. Unless you found some way to tap into the internet much like some people tap into cable tv lines, then you wouldn't need an ISP. Making the ISP local means faster download and upload speeds. If I lived in Africa and had an ISP in say Europe, everytime I wanted to access a website I would first have to make a request from my ISP in Europe who would then have to filter my request send a response from their servers and then open the page I originally attempted to open. This distance just to send a request to your ISP is tedious and thus slowing your internet dramatically. So using a closer server from a closer ISP means each time you send a request its almost instantaneous and the real speed your measure it to the server of the website you requested.

Why your website is tooooo sloooow?

There are many things that make a website appear slow. Sometimes it is a local ISP connection that has too many customers trying to use the same bandwidth. Sometimes there is too much Internet traffic going through a particular electronic switch. Sometimes there too many people trying to do the same thing on a specific website. If you are not happy with the loading time of a website you can try again at another time or check with your ISP about getting a faster connection. There are too many possibilities to give you an accurate answer for your specific situation without knowing all the related facts.

Can anyone get your isp?

Anybody can get your Internet Service Protocal because it is a very easy thing to get. Visiting a website can release that information. However if someone has your ISP it will just provide the actual company not your actual location.

You have an ip address belonging to an isp How do you get other information of that isp to be able to connect to their network?

what is an ISP Find out who was the first ISP anwser is POP

Anybody know any free hosting services when making a website?

Your ISP may already provide you with free web space. You can use this to host a website.

What ISP Allows Home Web Hosting?

You can host a legal website on any ISP If you are using your own server, sometimes if you rent your apt or house running a business is not allowed. If your using a web host then none of that matters

what is the isp for marcell mn?

Check out IVC Telecom for a good ISP in Canada