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Q: What will happen if noise putty flarp gets in a heat?
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What to do when flarp putty gets slimy?

oh i would deffinetly throw it out or as a little flour i guess cause flower is what u use to make glu...

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extracellular fluid gets in between the prosthesis - causing the popping noise as it is squeezed out. Can happen without having a knee replacement also.

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I think it might roll off. Kind of like a mercury effect. Does silly putty consist of some sort of rubber or oil substance? with my research silly putty gets harder when put in a cup of water .

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It will go down (Doppler Effect) because the apparentwavelength of the sound gets greater.

Humming noise in your speakers when at idle and when you accelerate it gets louder?

the humming noise is coming from a bad ground on you stereo

What is something that makes a weird noise when it gets old?


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ANSWER The noise gets faster when the weather is warmer

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What will happen if a Banana gets a very bad sunburb

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if your talking about a v6 noise on start up. most all 3.1 make this noise until engine gets warm. if the noise does not go away when warmed up. better check it out !

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when heat gets transferred it gets smaller.

What effect does temperature have on homemade silly putty?

Well if it gets too got it will turn really sticky and start to fall apart...(learned this from experiance)

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because it gets old dummy