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The water will be calm, because a change in density causes water to move and can also cause deep water currents

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Q: What will happen if the density of surface water in the lake does not change?
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What is the density of the water the sea lions live in?

Otters can change their density to either float on the surface of the water, or sink. Therefore, their density can vary.

What happen to a solid object with a density that is less than water when its place in water?

it floats.They float at water surface.

What could happen to earths surface if there was a change in the water cycle?

There could be change in the content of water. It will affect the level of water in the water bodies.

How do surface currents differ from density currents?

The same thing! Deep Currents Occur when the density of the water increases. Density is based on two main things it is the civility is how much salt and other solids are in it and it is also the temperature of the water.The lower the temperature the lower the dense the water becomes. The denser the water the more it was to go down. The less dense the water wants to rise. The temperature is what causes the dense. Deep current:A streamline movement of ocean water far below the surface.

Does the volume of water change the density of water?

Density = mass / volume. So if the volume changes, the density will obviously also change.

If you poor out some of the water in a bucket does the remaining density of the water change?

If you poor out some of the water in a bucket does the density of water change?

How do you know whether a substance has a greater density than water?

If it sinks in water then it has a higher density than water. If it floats on water surface then its density is less than water.

Does evaporation of water happen at the surface?

Evaporation occur at the surface of water.

Does your density change when you are in water?


Does your density change when your in water?


Does density of water increase or decrease the surface tension of water?

tenson #

An object that floats on the surface of water?

the amount of density