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What will happen if you do not trim your dogs nails?


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it will end up hurting the dog, also they could split and it hurts like when our nails split!



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Hi there, you should trim your dogs nails after every 4 or 3 months the best time to trim your dogs nails is after every 4 months.

i'm not sure but i don't think they do although they were down a bit by going on walks

In the ferrets nails if you look you will see where the blood comes up to trim their nails to just before you reach that area

Yes. Dogs nails need to be trimmed at the most 2 times a month or if you really enjoy it more although i would not advise it. If you don't trim a dogs nails the will grow too long and give the dog pains in its feet which will be the cause of it lying around all the time.

You shouldn't trim a cat's claws.

Yes, they are just the same as a puppys nails. Be careful not to trim too short. should trim your guinea pigs nails once a week.

It is not possible to trim the hind nails of the cat, you have to embrace yourself for a fight.

No. It is not good to trim turtles nails because they cant grip onto rocks. The nails also help them walk in mud.

it is important to trim your nails because nails are made up of dead cells and also your hair is made up of dead cells so if you dont trim the, you cells wont relgulate

You need to take your Dog to the Vet as soon as possible as this will be extremely painful for him or her. You need to regularly trim dogs nails to prevent this from happening.

Yes, but be VERY careful. Check out the question "Can you trim a rabbits nails?" for more details.

You have to trim them or they will be

You have to fart and then smell them; by doing so this will ultimitley help you trim them :)!!

Very small and thin nails that are used for trim work

It is easiest to trim gel nails to the desired length before applying them, but they can also be trimmed after they are complete. They can be clipped and shaped like real nails.

Some dogs "trim" their own nails. Unless this is a new behavior or the dog is damaging itself, I wouldn't worry. If this IS new behavior or there is damage invovled, this is one for the vet.

yes trim all nails and start when they are young and keep doing it so they will not be scared,then you won`t be going to the vet and having another vet bill.

If the baby is kept outside where it can dig and probe in the dirt, you should not have to trim the nails. They take care of themselves.

Don't, there is no need to trim a cats claws.

can cut, trim and shape nails

Its probably because you dont trim them enough. If you trim them once a month and they still bite their nails then they dont have anything to chew on in their cage.

People normally trim their nails with a simple tool called a nail clipper. You press the lever and the blades converge on the nail and cut off the excess.

No it is not. Think of it this way... you need to trim you toe nails including fingernails. You should also trim your hair every 6 months. People may not want to trim their nails or hair, but they should. Including all of this, body trim is healthy for your body.

Trim rabbit nails no more than you would your own.

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