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you will have your maiden name

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Q: What will happen if you file your naturalization with a single status but before the interview you got married and you did not change your status?
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Can a legal alien change their surname on their naturalization application form to their married name before even getting married?

No, because it's not yet your name. Any documentation showing a name other than your given birth name will be rejected. After you marry, you can legally change your name.

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Do you need to change your name back to your maiden name after a divorce before getting married again?

Not in Virginia

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If a person is married in the US is it necessary to divorce this wife before moving to the Philippines and getting married to a girl there?

You better believe it! You can only be married to one person at a time. And moving doesn't change your marital status.

Europian citizen can change citizen in UK?

A European citizen who stays in the UK for at least 3 years can qualify to be a citizen by naturalization.

What documents do I need to apply for new social security card after getting married?

Marriage document;Divorce decree;Certificate of Naturalization showing the new name; orCourt order approving the name change.

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What was George Washington real name before he got married?


Who has the power to increase the number of years immigrants have to live in the us before becoming citizens?

The United States Constitution in Article 1 Section 8, gives Congress the power to makes rules for naturalization. Congress can change the period of time a permanent resident must live in the United States before becoming a citizen.

When you get married do you have to change your last name?

In the United States you do not have to change your name when you get married. In fact it is very common for a woman not to.

You got married in Nevada how do you change your name in California?

It does not matter where you got married, you change your name in the State where you are a resident.

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