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Q: What will happen if you see Mary Shaw and don't scream?
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What happen after a fire?

When you created a fire [do not panic or you will burn or die] dont play with it, dont scream, and never ever hold it closer than 10 inches away or you will die.

Why does a cat scream when throwing up?

They dont scream at all they just hiss

How can you eat a jalapeno without screaming?

Then just dont eat it if your going to scream and you dont want to scream. Common sense little man common sense :)

How am I supposed to not scream like hell when playing the slender?

dont play it

How do you get chris shaw to stay out after 11pm?

dont bring Mark Carman along

What age should a child know not to scream and run from a dog?

their is no certinm age so people are scared of dogs so they run and scream othrs just love dogs and are not scared of them so they dont run or scream

What channel is tbs on Shaw Cable in BC?

47, i dont think so try it =)

Do you like ice-crem?

I dont know... can we all scream for it? yeah, but not during winter!

Does Mary Ellen Mary Jonesy?

yes she does, but i dont think it lasted

Why haven't your testes dropped?

your balls will drop when your 13 then you can sperm but if you dont know if they have try to scream

Does Jake Shaw love you?

course he does dont even dout it he loves you more than he loves anything else Dont ever ask again

Who summoned Bloody Mary?

You did. Dont ever do it