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What will happen to Bilbo and the dwarves in mirkwood?


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The Dwarves will get captured by the giant Spiders who plan to eat them, Bilbo rescues them, only for them to be captured again by the Elves.

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Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the band of dwarves, was taken by the Elves of Mirkwood.

The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

Because of the webs that he cut when rescuing the dwarves from the spiders in Mirkwood.

I believe it was when Gandalf was leaving the group at the edge of Mirkwood.

they warned them about food and water, and to stay on path

Yes, in chapter 9 the dwarves (but not Bilbo) were imprisoned by the Wood-elves in Mirkwood forest.

He has to help remove the Necromancer (who really is Sauron seeking the Ring) from Mirkwood.

The dwarves were cheerful because they had finally taken their kingdom of the Lonely Mountain after the great dragon Smaug was defeated by the Lake men. Bilbo was unhappy because when he was back at the shire, he always wished to go back and see the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and wander the paths of Mirkwood.

Trust Mr. Baggins, be good, and "STAY ON THE PATH" on their travels through Mirkwood.

They argued about a number of things. The first is whether Bilbo is suitable enough to join them on their adventure. Another is when Gandalf left them at the edge of Mirkwood.

I believe it was because he found them entrapped in spiderwebs spun by enormous spiders

because if he stayed the dwarves and Bilbo would make it through too easily and the story would be dull. Besides, it lets Bilbo show his self-worth.

Bilbo kept from being captured by the Wood Elves in Mirkwood by using The Ring to turn himself invisible. He slipped in after the company of Elves that had captured the other members of The Company (namely, the twelve dwarves) as the Elves were escorting the dwarves into the Elven fortress.

Bilbo is in the Mirkwood with no food or water. The dwarves have been captured by the elves. He realizes there is only one exit from the palace where the dwarves are being held. He manages to get the dwarves out, but is unable to escape right away himself. When he does get away, he is chased.

The Dwarves and the Bilbo Baggins were lost between the Misty Mountains to the west and great forest of Mirkwood to their east, after getting lost in golin caves.

Because they were wrapped up in spider webs.most likely the fact they are in giant spiderwebs

In The Hobbit the thirteen dwarves are imprisioned by the Wood Elves of Mirkwood becauseDwarves and Elves have never been on good terms, consiquently the Elves are suspisious that the dwarves were plotting some foul plan.The Elves were very ticked that the dwarves kept interupting their festivites in Mirkwood.When the dwarves are questioned about what they are doing in Mirkwood, they refuse to answer, making Thranduil (the Elvenking of Mirkwood) extremely suspious. As a result, the dwarves were to remain in prision until they revealed their intentions.It should be noted that the dwarves were not badly treated while they were captives.

Which time? Bilbo helps out the Dwarves on several occasions, most notably in rescuing them from the spiders in Mirkwood and from the elven dungeons. He was also key in giving Gandalf time to escape which allowed him to rescue them from the goblins.

The dwarves and Bilbo are forced to hide in barrels of wine and roll themselves into an nearby underground river, thus floating their way out of Mirkwood.

Because his companions have been ambushed by giant spiders and are wrapped in spider webs, hanging from the trees.

He offers them hospitality then food when they've to go trough the Mirkwood forest. He also help them to fight the orcs in the Battle of Five Armies

He says that the dwarves wont give Bilbo any gold, and that the Dwarves ar ejust using him.

beorn is a skin changer meaning that he can change into a bear or a human or whatever he wants to. gandalf, bilbo, and the dwarves stop at beorns house to rest and get advice on going to mirkwood

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