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Do you mean Lucas' Lindsay? Lucas and Lindsay do not get married. Lindsay leaves Lucas at the altar.

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Q: What will happen to Lindsey in One Tree Hill?
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Who is the bartendar in the miller lite beer commercial with the guy that has a purse?

Lindsey Mckeon. You probably remember her from One Tree Hill.

Why is the TV show One Tree Hill called One Tree Hill?

Tree Hill its the name of the town and theres only one Tree Hill

Will be a SE10 of one tree hill?

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

What is in the volcanoes of One Tree Hill?

one tree hill's number one fan whoot whoot no i have no idea what you mean by in the volcanoes of One Tree Hill

Where does the one from One Tree Hill come from?

The Name One Tree Hill comes the saying "There's only one Tree Hill" from Karen in season one.

What is going to happen on One Tree Hill?

People die. And people have babies. JESUS HAS RISEN!

How mang season of One Tree Hill is there?

There are 9 seasons of one tree hill.

How many seasons are there for One Tree Hill?

There are 8 season in one tree hill

When Lucas asks Lindsey to marry him in One Tree Hill what does she say?

At first she seems as if she wants to go through with it, but when the actual marriage ceremony commences, Lindsey says no, as she feels deep down in her heart that she can't marry Lucas.

Where does One Tree Hill take place?

One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The town of Wilmington doubles as Tree Hill.

Is kate voegele still on One Tree Hill?

Kate Voegele appears on One Tree Hill often, and is casted for the 9th season of One Tree Hill.

Why did they call it one tree hill?

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

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