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When you rub one balloon with wool, and then rub another balloon with wool,

we can safely assume that both balloons acquire the same kind of charge. So

when you try to bring them together, they'll repel each other (push apart).

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Q: What will happen when two balloons are brought together right after they are rubbed on a piece of wool?
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You rubbed two balloons together and they stuck together is it possible?

The rubbing generates Static Electricity charges, and since the positive and negative attract each other, the two balloons stick together.

What kind of materials can be electrically charged when they are rubbed together?

damp clothing and balloons that's all I know for now!

What would happen if you rubbed two identical objects together?


And if two pieces of rubbed ebonite are brought close together will they repel or attract each other?


What will happen if two object are rubbed together creating friction?

You get heat energ;y

When 2 balloons were rubbed with a sock what happens when you put the balloons next to each other?

The static electricity of the balloons means that they repel each other.

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What will happen if a polythene rod rubbed with dry woolen cloth brought near another polythene rod also rubbed with a dry woolen cloth?

Both rods acquired charge of the same polarity during the rubbing process, so there will be a force of repulsion between them.

What will happen if a glass ruler is rubbed vigorously on a woolen cloth?

A plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woolen cloth

Can an insulator be charged?

Insulating materials can acquire a static electric charge. Rubber balloons, when rubbed on woolen cloth, are a perfect example.