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What will stop bleeding after wisdom teeth surgery?



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Some suggestions to stop the bleeding after having a wisdom tooth extracted are:

My husband had 2 wisdom teeth pulled this morning. The surgery took about 30 minutes, but his bleeding didnt seem to want to stop. He did everything that the dentist said before surgery like not eating after midnight and no alcholic drinks for up to 3 days before surgery. My mother told me to take green or regular lipton tea bags and put in the back of his jaw and pack the holes with the tea bags. Also make sure that they are dry so they can absorb blood or moisture. It really worked. His bleeding stopped with in 15 minutes. I posted this question so i could give this answer. The dentist also said to try big ice packs on the outside of the cheek. Helps with swelling and helps stop the pain and bleeding.

I also tried this and it worked perfectly. I used Bigelow black tea (like Lipton's) but it doesn't have a staple to attach the string. I was worried about the staple getting in the mouth in case the tea bag ruptured. Cut off the string and bite down on the teabag for 30 minutes. Works great!

The above poster is absolutely correct (what a great idea) and I've used this method (tea bags that had boiling water over them, then cooled) placed on closed eyes that are badly irritated. It's the acid in the tea.

Yes, the tannic acid in tea helps to stop the bleeding.