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it depends on your head gasket. a d16y8 head gasket will work best for giving you the highest compression. as for the compression ratio.. i do not know. i would not worry about it since the power out put will be approximate to that of a d16z6 give or take a few hp.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-29 19:14:22
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Q: What will the compression ratio be on a D15B7 block with a D16Z6 head?
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Can you put a d16z6 vtec head on a d15b7 non vtec block with the same compression ratio?

yes but you will need to run an oil line to the head,youll need a vtec capable ecu with a tune,and it is suggested to get arp head studs and pistons from the same head to be safe and do it right.

Stock compression ratio 1977 454 big block Chevy?


Will Boring a block incress compustion?

If you're asking about the compression ratio, it depends on the pistons you choose after boring the block. no, the way you increase compression is by using different pistons, an ,or smaller chamber heads. boring a block increases cubic inches.

What is a critical compression ratio?

The lowest compression ratio of a compression-ignition engine that allows a specific fuel to be ignited by compression ignition.

What is the compression ratio to a Toyosha 142ci motor?

23:1 compression ratio

How to calculate Compression ratio for an image?

compression ratio=uncompressed image size/compressed size

Compression ratio for 95 v6 mustang?

The compression ratio for the 1995 Mustang is: 9.0:1

What is the compression ratio of NASCAR engines?

The compression ratio for NASCAR engines is limited to 12.0:1.

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How do you calculate compression ratio?

compression ratio = compressed size / uncompressed size the ratio should be between 1 and 0 (multiply with 100 to get the ratio in percent) a ratio greater than 1 means, the compressed size is actually greater than the uncompressed size a ratio just below 1 means bad compression the lower the ratio, the better the compression

What is the compression ratio on a 2006 wrx sti?

8.4:1 is the compression ratio for 04-07 STi's.

What type of engine does a Honda civic ex?

older civics had a d16z6 up until 95. In 96 they changed to a d16y8 which had a slightly higher compression ratio and more efficient intake and exhaust portas on the cylinder head. both motors came with vtec.

What is compression ratio in air compressor?

The compression ratio is simply the ratio of the absolute stage discharge pressure to the absolute stage suction pressure.

What is the compression ratio of 600 PSI?

"600 psi" is not a compression ratio; it's a pressure. For a RATIO, you need to compare TWO different numbers.

What does 5.11 stand for in compression ratio?

Nothing. Compression ratio is usually displayed as 9:1, or 9 to 1.

Is theoretical compression ratio equal to actual compression ratio for an SI engine?

No, because there is always some leakage.

Compression-ventilation ratio for children?

For 1-person CPR the compression-ventilation ratio for children (and adults and infants) are 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

CPR compression ratio for infants and child?

The CPR compression ratio for infants and children is 30 compressions to 2 breaths. 2 people CPR compression ratio for infants is 15 compressions to 2 breaths. 2 people CPR compression ratio for children is 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

V engine Compression ratio?

The compression ratio of engines is a value that demonstrates or shows the ratio of the volume of its combustion chamber from its largest capacity to its smallest capacity.

What is the compression ratio for the Transport?

The compression ratio for a 1994 Pontiac Transport, according to the Owner's Manual is 8:5:1.

High Compression ratio not used in spark ignition engine?

S.I Engine lower compression Ratio is 6 to 11

What is the compression and ventilation ratio for two-person rescuer CPR?

The compression and ventilation ratio for a two-person rescue CPR is 15 compression and 2 breaths.

Which engine is in a 1994 Honda Civic CX?

A 1.5l SOHC I4 - 70hp@5000rpm, 90lbs-ft @ 2000rpm, 9.1 compression ratio, 75mm/84.5mm bore/stroke.

What is the compression of Honda XRM 125?

The compression ratio for this bike is 9.3:1.

What is meant by the compression ratio of a combustion engine?

The compression ratio of a combustion engine is the relationship of the largest and smallest capacities of the combustion chamber. A higher compression ratio is advantageous because the engine operates more efficiently, extracting more mechanical energy from the fuel. Most gasoline-powered engines have a compression ratio of around 10:1.