Skulduggery Pleasant

What will the next skulduggery pleasant book be called?


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Skulduggery Pleasant order is as follows: Skulduggery Pleasant ,Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire and then Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones.Also the fourth book comes out next year and is rumoured to be called Dark Days

if you mean skulduggery pleasant book 6, then it is coming out in April 2011. if you mean skulduggery pleasant book 7 then i think it it is coming out in September 2011.

There are going to be 9 books 3 of them have been released these are Skulduggery Pleasant Skulduggery Pleasant playing with fire Skulduggery Pleasant the facless ones The next one is coming out on the 4th of April (in the UK) It's going to be called Skulduggery Pleasant dark days ROCK ON SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT

There isn't an EXACT date but it will be sometime next year.

The 8th novel (August 2013) is "Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men."

I don't know if there is an offical date, but it will be out sometime next year.

The 8th book "Last Stand of Dead Men" is scheduled for release on September 1, 2013.

Its been called off. derek landy thought the script was rubbish and hes busy writing the next book. so there may not be one for awhile

Dark Days Paperback: 21st April Mortal Coild Hardback: 2nd September 2010

Sadly sometime next year (2011) in the summertime, don't bother checking the website as i hasn't been updated since the 3rd book T.T

these are all the names of the books until the 7th one 1:skuldugerry pleasant 2:playing with fire 3:the faceless ones 4:dark days 5:mortal coil 6:the death bringer 7:end of the world

I shall IMPROVE THAT ANSWER! You can only get them in store or at book-signings. You CANNOT buy them legally online. I hope that helps, and I shall see you at the next signing XD

The fourth book is about Valkyrie trying to save Skulduggery from the other side of the portal, where the faceless are. Will she choose necromancy or continue with her elemental powers? * CONTAINS SPOILERS * Book No. 4, Dark Days, continues on from book 3, The Faceless Ones. At the end of book 3, Skulduggery was pulled into the portal and is now trapped inside with The Faceless Ones. The last part of The Faceless Ones tells a well-known necromancer telling Valkyrie that Skulduggery's skull (The one the goblins nicked of his spinal chord) can be used as an Isthmus Anchor. Dark days tells what happens next. From Valkyrie going after Skulduggery's skull, to Scapegrace becoming a zombie. As always, its one heck of a read. Numbat_77 P.S At the end of Dark Days there's a special page telling how for the only time ever there will be two SP books in the same year. Skulduggery Pleasant Book 5: Coming in September.

The fourth Book the Isthmus Curse should be released around April 2010 :) The fourth book is called Dark Days not the Isthmus Curse! Any way... it depends on when you asked this question... If you asked it in 2009 or 2010 then the fourth book has already been released in April 2010. If you asked it in 2010 the the 5th book , Mortal Coil has already been released and was released in September 2010!

Yes. There will be nine books in total the fifth book is the next to come out 4th book is called Dark Days (already out) 5th is called Mortal Coil (September 2nd) 6th might be called Terrible Truth (1st April 2011) At least those are the dates in England xx Not sure about the rest of the books but if they keep coming out a year after each other it'll be four years before all nine books are out and we know the whole story so :'( XX

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