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If you click the Express button, Windows will grab any high-priority updates, these are security patches, and install them to your computer.

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Q: What will the windows update express button download onto your computer?
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Shutting down your Windows 8 computer can be completed in several ways. From the Windows 8 tiles screen, hover and bring up the Charms Bar, click Settings and find the Power Button OR From desktop mode, you can download free software which brings back the Start Menu button, enabling you to shut down your computer like you're used to. OR Click and hold the power button or CTRL+ALT+DEL

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The navigation button on a computer is mainly the mouse. The cursor of the mouse will guide you on where to click so as to navigate through different windows.

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Windows XP can be downloaded with a touch of a button. It is easiest to go directly to Microsoft itself. From there, there is a link to lead to the Windows XP.