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The word 'set' has over 20 different meanings

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Q: What word has the same spelling but 3 different meanings?
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Is A word spelled the same with 2 definitions?

A homograph has the same spelling with different meanings, maybe different sound. A homonym has the same sound and may have the same spelling, with different meanings.

What is the difference between homonyms and homographs?

A homograph is a word that has different meanings for the same spelling. Homonyms are a type of homograph in which the same pronunciation is used for the different meanings. The other type of homograph, in which the word is pronounced differently for different meanings, is called a heteronym.

Is bill a homonyms word?

Yes, The word 'bill' it is a homonym. Two different meanings, but share the same spelling and the same pronunciation.

What is a synonym and antonym and homophone for decided?

a synonym is a word with different spelling but the same meaning an antonym is a word with opposite meaning a homophone is a word having the same pronunciations with different meanings

What is a word that has the same spelling and sound but different meanings?

Chicken and chicken, ones an animal and the others somthing you eat

Two words that are pronounced the same but mean different things are called what?

A Homonym is a word or a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings.

Same spelling different meanings?

Words that have the same spelling but different meanings are called homonyms. A homonym can also be a homograph. However, homographs can have the same or different pronunciation. Some words that are homographs are lie and tear. A lie can be an untruth or it can mean to lie down.

What are the homographs of the word convert?

same spelling different meaning same spelling different meaning

Homonym of FRIEND?

There is no homonym that exists for the word friend. A homonym is one of a group of words that share the same spelling and pronunciation but may have different meanings.

What is a word that has same meaning but is different in spelling give example?

What is a word that has same meaning but is different in spelling examples

What is a word that has the same spelling as main?

main? same spelling? main is the only word that's spelled M-A-I-N. Mane is a homonym, which sounds the same but has a different spelling.

What is it called when a word has different meanings and pronunciation but is spelled the same?


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