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Q: What word means improvement or emendment?
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What does the word baffled means?

"Baffled" means confronted by a situation that needs improvement but unable to imagine how to achieve the improvement needed.

What word means an improvement or change for the better?


What is the Sanskrit word for improvement?

What is the sanskrit word for "improvement"?

What is the Romanian word for improvement?

improvement = îmbunătăţire

What means internal improvement?

Improvement inside of a country

What sentence can you put with the word improvement in it?

"Well, it could use some improvement." "Wow, that's a good improvement!" "That is not an/there is not an improvement."

What is a sentence using the word improvement?

Your spelling could use improvement.

How do you hyphenate improvement?

You can hyphenate the word improvement like this: im-prove-ment.

Is improvement a noun?

Yes, the word 'improvement' is a noun; a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a change for the better; progress in development; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.

Is improvement an idea noun?

Yes, the word 'improvement' is an idea noun (an abstract noun) a word for a change for the better; progress in development; a word for a concept.

What does an improvement mean in science?

An improvement in science means exactly the same as it does in any other context. It means to make something better

What do you mean by room of improvement?

Room for improvement-means it can be realistically improved (made better)